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Dr Timothy Conway’s Summary of Ullrich Zimmermann Interview

Posted by Barry Pittard on January 27, 2007

Here is a summary shared with me by Timothy Conway Ph.D of Part 2. of Ullrich Zimmermann’s three-part interview which describes inappropriate sexual conduct – including getting Ullrich to suck his penis – towards him by Sathya Sai Baba at: .

(The remaining material is at: .  Part 1. and: . Part 3). I have asked and received Dr Conway’s permission to post his summary).

From Santa Barbara, USA, author of several books and many learned papers, Dr Conway has specialised in Social Science and in comparative religions of the East and West. You can check out his extremely comprehensive, multi-faceted website, –which also has a long, specific page rebutting SSB’s various “true believer” defenders and clarifying different truth-levels at:

Dr Conway is a former well-respected leader in the Sathya Sai Organization, leaving it, like many others, including prominent leaders, after carefully investigating allegations by under-age males or in some cases their families who gave compelling accounts of sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba.

On a separate but germane issue, see the following links. These relate to Dr Conway’s sworn statement verifying the provenance of the implicating internal letters of the late Dr John Hislop that show a) a mix of psychological denial, dereliction of duty-of-care, and b) a cover-up by Hislop and those circularized from their own congregations: See links here and here.

Dr Timothy Conway’s summary:

“All words in quotations are the exact words that Ullrich Zimmermann uses in his video interview:

In a video-filmed interview of seven years ago but not previously released, Ullrich Zimmermann, strongly heterosexual and not at all gay, tells his account of SSB’s “white tantra” with him at age 21; he describes how SSB in each of his first two interviews raised his orange robe and wanted Ullrich to suck on his penis. Ullrich’s mother, who he told of the episodes, was a devotee of SSB and Ullrich totally “trusted” SSB to do the right thing for him, and had heard something about the tantra tradition, so he went along with SSB’s wishes. On the first occasion, SSB kissed him fully on the mouth after rubbing Ullrich’s stomach and chest area with oil that he materialized. Ullrich felt “awkward” over the kiss. SSB took his hand to SSB’s groin area and had him feel SSB’s crotch through his orange robe; the first time it felt like a female; the second time like a male. Ullrich felt at the time that SSB was trying to thereby indicate that this was not about sex. Then SSB pulled up his own robe and requested Ullrich to suck on his erect penis. Again, Ullrich trusted SSB and did it dispassionately for about 90 seconds. Ullrich did not notice any ejaculation and did not see SSB appearing very involved in the act; he appeared “remote.” Then the experience was over and so was the interview. Afterwards, Ullrich says he felt “dumbfounded,” and rationalized it as “white tantra.” Some 30 minutes later he began to feel completely elated with spiritual joy. Ullrich says that SSB had said that he would “completely change him” and sure enough Ullrich, strongly heterosexual and “filled with testosterone,” no longer felt attracted to women’s “tits and butts” after this. Ullrich says that the two sexual experiences with SSB were very “awkward” for him. On the second occasion, he pulled away from sucking on SSB’s penis after only a short time, feeling the whole thing awkward. Upon pulling away, Ullrich saw out of the corner of his own eye a vector of light shooting off in a direction from the angle of the penis, and he felt that this vector of energy was meant for him, i.e., as an energetic shakti empowerment, “a very giving and tantric experience.” For legal purposes, it is noteworthy that Ullrich describes in detail SSB’s anatomy–hairless legs and genitals, with a “childlike penis.” Also noteworthy is that Ullrich on his second interview asked SSB about his brother Peter. SSB at first didn’t know that Peter had died, but nonchalantly said, “He’s fine, he’s fine.” But when Ullrich told him Peter had died, SSB fell silent for about 5 seconds, then said, “Drugs. Bad company, bad company.” Which was true. Peter had become a daredevil, did drugs–his lifestyle was evidently induced by associating with “bad company.” There would be for Ullrich a total of 5 interviews, 2 rings and an amulet materialized, but sex only on the first two interviews. Ullrich reflects on his experiences and says he doesn’t feel “abused” or that SSB was harming him. He feels that SSB totally changed his personality, opening him up energetically. Ullrich says that years later he disconnected from SSB, feeling that, beyond all the interesting energy experiences, SSB doesn’t help people become truly spiritually liberated and God-realized, “becoming your own master in your own Divine power.” Ullrich also expresses concerns about the male youth even younger than himself who are having these experiences in what is evidently being cryptically called “the banana club” around SSB. Zimmermann makes mention of meeting face to face at least one other male youth who had these sexual advances made upon him by SSB”.

Note: A very useful, quite detailed page by Robert Priddy on the Ullrich Zimmermann interviews has just gone up at:

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