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Psychotherapist’s Note On Ullrich Zimmermann’s Sexual Abuse Allegation Against Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by Barry Pittard on February 5, 2007

I have asked some contacts to view the Ullrich Zimmermann interviews.  Part 2 is found here.

Indeed, a most instructive comparison is afforded by viewing the Mark Roche interview with the BBC as well as the Zimmermann interview. Mark Roche is a California man, highly regarded in his community and once associated with many seminal figures in the Sai Baba movement, like Elsie and Walter Cowan (big Sai Baba philanthropists), Dr John Hislop, Dr Michael Goldstein, Bob Bozzani, and so on. With a degree of courage known best to those of us in touch with him at the time, Mark at last spoke out in his sixties, when interviewed by the BBC for its 2004 television documentary ‘The Secret Swami’. A film clip is at:
The text transcript section of Mark Roche’s interview by the BBC’s Tanya Datta that refers to his fellating Sai Baba when a young man is found here.

Both individuals, like others from various countries and over many years, report Sai Baba requiring that they suck his penis (fellatio).

For detailed discussion of the Zimmermann testimony, see Robert Priddy’s page – Ex-Sai Devotee Speaks Out Convincingly About Sai Baba Sex.

The contacts are veteran professionals in the sexual abuse area, coming from various disciplines: psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy and social work. Their reports, along with their qualifications, accreditations and contact details, will be made available to bona fide investigators from reputed media, government, lawfirms or various institutions and individuals genuinely interested in establishing the facts about Sathya Sai Baba and core leaders of his Sathya Sai Organization. The latter are no different to those powerful organizations, such as the churches, which have been shatteringly exposed for profound cover-ups of sexual and other abuses and who tried to resist both concerned internal and independent, third-party enquiry. Many of these institutions, now to the contrary, are under extensive reform and have put in place processes of accountability and duty-of-care. The Sathya Sai Organization and its founder have refused to do so. They will enter history as one of the wealthiest, most antiquated but powerful bastions holding out against modern processes of truthful disclosure and reform. The writer of the following is a woman psychotherapist, who undertakes to look at Parts 1 and 3 of the Ullrich Zimmermann interviews when time allows. (Her identity and qualifications are available to accredited members of her profession). She says:

“Ullrich Zimmermann is to be commended for coming forward with this material. He did not – at least those seven years ago – feel that Sathya Sai Baba was doing anything wrong. At many times during the interview, it struck me that Ullrich had been programmed by his prior knowledge of Sai Baba (his staunch devotee mother’s influence and so on) to expect that anything that would happen to him at the ashram and during an interview would be in his best interest. He says “I trusted him to do the right thing … totally trusted him … trusted that he would only do what is good for me.” With this mindset, he was able to suspend his normal rational mind, and enter into a disassociated state. Throughout, he was convinced of Sai Baba’s powers to “erase karma” and to “uplift” him. He thought the experiences – what the law and many cultures deem to be sexual molestations – were meant for his healing. It was as if there had been a kind of spiritual-medical treatment done for his good. That the behaviour would not be tolerated by professional or other ethics does not occur to him. Ullrich’s disappointment and criticism is for himself – that he was not able to maintain that “high energy” which he received from Sai Baba’s treatment. “Sai Baba had said I will change you completely.  It took years, and still I don’t feel abused. (I) didn’t have any means of keeping that energy. Lost that state in 5 weeks”. Later, Ullrich laments that he relapsed into old ways and never followed through with the devotion and going to the groups etc., so as to get empowered, as it were. Perhaps there is an implied criticism of Sai Baba for not creating a change that would last.

The damage to Ullrich took place a long time before any molestation. Its genesis would have to have occurred over that period when he became steeped in the Sai Baba mystique – when he accepted and trusted fully, as so many do, that Sai B Baba was God, all powerful and all loving.  This type of process is a basic one for cult adherence. Susceptible individuals suspend their rational process, and use the ‘magical thinking’ brain.  There is almost no limit to what many will accept and do under these circumstances. Being psychologically needy and dependent puts one at risk in such powerful situations. Organized religions have crafted techniques with rituals that suggest magic. A great many  forever search for ways of dealing with their mortality in a magical way.

I haven’t yet watched the other videos — there  may be  more along this line”.


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