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BBC’s ‘Secret Swami’ Clip. Highly Respected Man Claims Sai Baba Abuse When Young

Posted by Barry Pittard on May 14, 2007

Mark Roche (California, USA) was deeply devoted to Sai Baba from 1969. Among Sai devotees, former devotees and in his wider community, he has long been regarded as a man of decency, compassion and integrity. Revealingly, it is frequently only after former devotees leave Sai Baba (often after decades of great service and devotion) that Sai Baba and Sai Baba protagonists ‘convert’ them – in their own minds – into “demons”, “cawing crows”, “Judases”, etc.

Until he severed the connection, Mark Roche had been a Sai devotee for twenty-five years. Just out of his teens, he first visited Sai Baba in a 1972 group that included Dr John Hislop, for many years the head of Sai Baba’s organization in the U.S.A., and the extremely wealthy husband and wife who hugely funded Sai Baba, Walter and Elsie Cowan. In that same year, Sai Baba allegedly miraculously resurrected Walter Cowan, after he had died of a heart attack. In the final cut of the BBC film, Mark Roche’s account of the events as having been an eye-witness was absent, and not seen by the millions of viewers in many countries. This was unfortunate, because key Sathya Sai Organization leaders and thousands of members have long promulgated a story of miraculous resurrection. Roche’s account supports medical and other evidence that no such resurrection occurred.

Mark Roche says that, in a private place, Sai Baba offered him what is termed ‘pada namaskar‘. This is considered the greatest of privileges granted by a guru – called e.g., ‘bowing unto the Lotus Feet’). Sai Baba is reported to say, “I’ll give you a great chance”. Mark Roche says that Sai Baba then pulled up his robe and asked Mark to put his penis in his mouth. The BBC interviewer Tanya Datta asked, “Why would God want to put his penis in your mouth?” To those who have carefully considered the issues involved in issues such as abuse, self-esteem, the hunger to believe, the betrayal of faith, and human naivete, Roche’s answer resonates: “Got me!” (His emphasis indicated the meaning:  I simply do not know).

This sad scenario recurs in many Sai Baba abuse accounts from around the world, held by both former and non-devotee investigators, that attest to his widespread, serial sexual molestation of young males for many decades.


Note:  The film clip of Tanya Datta’s interview of Mark Roche is HERE

From BBC transcript of The Secret Swami.

Mark Roche
The teachings themselves were very universal and
adopted the attitude of embracing all other religions so that it wasn’t a matter of this religion opposed to that, that you had to leave whatever you were in to be associated with Sai Baba, it was something that just be a better Christian or a better Jew or a better whatever it is rather than necessarily having to leave it mixed with the fact that the person who is the head of that is claiming to be God himself.

Tanya Datta
It’s the special moment when God calls. And Mark couldn’t believe his luck when he was summoned for a private interview. But he emerged shocked and confused. Just like the Rahms, Sai Baba had oiled his genitals. Two years later Mark was called for an audience again.

Mark Roche
He kept saying stuff like that I’m giving you a great chance, millions want to touch the feet, you know, I’m giving you whole body, this is great chance, this is great chance. Then he went over to a different part of the building and pulled up his dhoti, which is Indian garment kind of thing and exposed himself and sort of indicated that I was
supposed to put his penis in my mouth, which, feeling intimidated and confused and all that, I did. And although it didn’t seem right to me but it just seemed like what I was supposed to do.

Tanya Datta
Why would God want to put his penis in your mouth?

Mark Roche
Got me.



Further Resources

BBC News. Note: Scroll down this news story to click link for viewing or saving The Secret Swami transcript.

Laying on of hands, New Statesman, Andrew Billen. Review of The Secret Swami. The guru who thinks he’s God is exposed as far from divine. As others have done, Billen refers to magicians like Derren Brown (U.K.) who are easily able to show how Sai Baba performs his ‘miracles’, such as producing pendants, sacred ash (vibhuthi, vibuthi, vibuti, vibuuthi), and other objects.

Sai Baba’s miracles, an overview, Dr Dale Beyerstein, This book, by a rationalist and an academic from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada and rationalist, can be downloaded as a 100k zip file in .html format. Scroll down the Index to Section 3. for the material referring to Walter Cowan, which as an analysis, as is the case of the whole book, although dating from circa 1994, is still sharp and relevant.

The BBC’s ‘The Secret Swami – A Revision’ (2004-2007). By Barry Pittard

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Robert Priddy

The Secret Swami summary by Robert Priddy – video clips

Posted by robertpriddy on May 27, 2010


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5 Responses to “BBC’s ‘Secret Swami’ Clip. Highly Respected Man Claims Sai Baba Abuse When Young”

  1. Fred said

    Please explain why Mark Roche remained a devotee for 25 years if he was “shocked” about being molested at the approx. age of 26? Sounds to me like he thought he might get some money out of a lawsuit. There is nothing about his story that sounds believable.

  2. […] BBC’s ‘Secret Swami’ Clip. Man Claims Abuse When Young […]

  3. […] In common with so many former devotees and other critics around the world, as I began to hear the direct testimony, and, in other cases, from parents and close friends of those young males who, clearly, had been sexually abused, the experience was gut-wrenching. Indeed, I may add, not all of those abused were now young men, and an example of this is the account to the BBC ‘The Secret Swami’ team of Mark Roche.  […]

  4. […] with compelling accounts of being sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba. Some much older men  like Mark Roche who shared his ordeals – when very young – in the BBC’s ‘The Secret […]

  5. P.A.Mohamed Ameen said

    Pious and righteous persons who fear God much and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which God has forbidden and those who love God much by performing all kinds of good deeds which God and His messengers have ordained may be considered by common people as holymen. We hope the best that can happen to Sai Baba is that he might be one such person, but certainly he is not God and he should never be given the divinity that is meant for the creator of the universe and all th living creatures.

    Sai Baba creating something like gold ring out of nothing was a magical trick. No man has the ability to create something out of nothing.
    God our Lord has commanded that his slaves shall not serve any but one true Almighty God.
    People, by all means can get guidance from holyman like Sai Baba but they can not be his slaves. Even mighty prophets of God were normal human beings, none bear superhuman characteristics.

    All prophets are human beings and none bear superhuman characteristics. Even raising of the dead is one of such miracles attributed to certain prophets has a metaphorical connotation.

    No prophet is granted an exceptionally long term of life which makes him distinctly different and above the brotherhood of prophets to which he belongs. Nor is any prophet mentioned as having risen bodily to remote recesses of the universe. Wherever there is such mention, it is spiritual ascent which is meant, not bodily ascent.

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