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About ‘My Life As Sathya Sai Baba’s Prophecy’, Part 2.

Posted by Barry Pittard on May 27, 2007

Sathya (Satya) Purcell’s My Life As Sathya Sai Baba’s Prophecy(Part 2) has been posted to

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See entry May 26, 2007
See also, Part 1. May 21, 2007.

A few contextualizing comments and further links are within this blogsite at this Link Here:

Of a 1993 trip to Puttaparthi by a large group of youths from various parts of the United States, Satya Purcell, nicknamed Satch, formerly known as Sathya Sai Purcell, writes that Sai Baba, prior to the trip, told Hal Honig, the group leader, “You bring them. I will change them”.

Change it was to prove indeed!  The journey was eventful and decisive – not least because these young men were there at the time of the police killings (various investigators would say executions) in Sai Baba’s mandir, temple. On the upper story of this building, which is a focus of devotion by millions, he then had his bedroom, and it was here that local police shot dead four of Sai Baba’s students who had broken in. Former Andhra Pradesh Home Secretary V.P.B. Nair on the BBC television documentary The Secret Swami (2004) describes this event as “absolute cold-blooded murder”.

Sai Baba Foretold Purcell’s Birth, and Named Him

For Satya Purcell the trip was decisive in the most negative way. He had been named from birth by Sai Baba, and was devoted since his earliest years. His mother, Sharon Purcell, was close to major figures in establishing Sai Baba’s fame in the West, such as the wealthy husband and wife Walter and Elsie Cowan, and Dr John Hislop. He came away profoundly alienated, and his belief that Sai Baba was the Divine in human form was shattered, as it became for his mother too, and a great many others from various contries and cultures who, over the years, have felt profound ethical and spiritual betrayal. A number of the youths on the trip lost their faith in Sai Baba, and confided that he had sexually abused them. They also relate seeing mistakes by Sai Baba that showed that he was faking his ‘miracles’ of materialization.

Sai Baba Devotees Often Silent When They Notice Tricks

(Many devotees have seen through Sai Baba’s magician’s tricks but remain quiet about it. Other phenomena that cannot readily be explained needs proper investigation, and may exceed the present state of scientific knowledge, and yet this should never excuse the Sai Baba and his powerful and influential worldwide Sathya Sai Organization from perfectly reasonable standards of moral and civil accountability. These they repeatedly and profoundly evade. They are true to their founder, whom the BBC aptly named ‘The Secret Swami’. See under Further Resources, below, the link for Terry Gallagher’s account of Sai Baba dropping pellets, meant to be concealed in his hand before being surreptitiously crushed, of his sacred ash (vibhuti, vibuthi, vibhooti). It is by the first head of the Sathya Sai Organization in Australia, Terry Gallagher, who resigned in profound disgust after investigating allegations of Sai Baba’s sexually abusing young males). 

Hal Honig’s Duty of Care In Question 

The group leader Hal Honig (who, despite his advanced age, is curiously now head of the youth wing of the Sathya Sai Organization, U.S.A.) is the subject of very serious allegations, which have been reported to the FBI, New York Police Department and New York Ofice of the Mayor. See Link Here.

Some Satya Purcell quotes:

“Unfortunately for Sai Baba some of the young men in the Hal Honig group sitting close saw him drop the ring in the side of his seat cushion” ….

“Chris confronted him in the private interview room about the fake miracles. He told him that his materializations looked like magic tricks to him. Chris told me that Sai Baba became angry at him and called him a “doubting Thomas”. During the following darshan, Baba scowled at him and said he was a “bad boy” …..  Instead of dispelling doubts, he became defensive and tried to publicly humiliate one who dared to question. In this way, Sai Baba discouraged others from challenging him” ….

“This scene hurt me very much because I once read Sai Baba’s words where he taught that your Guru is the one person you should be able to question. I always remembered that with great respect but he did not live up to his own teaching. Instead of dispelling doubts, he became defensive and tried to publicly humiliate one who dared to question. In this way, Sai Baba discouraged others from challenging him” …..

“Particularly horrific was the aftermath of a human slaughter on June 6, 1993, which was cleaned up before the masses could see it”….

“Later back in the U.S.A., a geologist Sai Baba devotee told me the stone was a particular mineral, while a jeweler said it was certainly not a diamond but that he was not sure what the stone was. Eventually the stone came out of the setting to reveal a piece of foil inside the setting”.

Further Resources:

See BBC’s The Secret Swami video clip of Andhra Pradesh Home Secretary, V.P.B. Nair speaking of “absolute cold-blooded murder” and making clear that there occurred a massive cover-up by Sai Baba, his ashram officials, police, local, state and central governments.

Terry Gallagher, Ex-Central Coordinator of the Sathya Sai Organization, Australia writes (see Link Here)

“The eyewitness accounts were horrific! After bursting into the mandir, four students found themselves trapped upstairs where Sai Baba was staying. Each was interrogated by police, then one at a time they were executed. The stench of death was everywhere ….

“Sai Baba was tense and agitated, and his body language told us all that what we had found out him was the truth! We left the interview and returned to Australia” ….

When we attempted to tell others about our experiences and the truth about Sai Baba, no one would believe us, except those who had also had similar experiences- and mostly fear prevents them from telling others”.

See Robert Priddy’s account of getting assayed the ring Sai Baba produced for him. Retired teacher of Philosophy and Social Sciences at the University of Oslo, Robert Priddy was the head of the Sathya Sai Organization of Norway, and has written prolifically and critically of Sai Baba and his organization. His Home Page is Here

“On 31/10/2002, my wife Reidun and I returned from three days in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the ‘green diamond’ Sathya Sai Baba gave me in 1986 (shown above) was examined by Mr. Peter Hertz, the Danish Queen Margarethe’s jeweller, a top Scandinavian expert on precious stones and diamonds. All was filmed in detail by Øjvind Kyrø’s team for Danish TV. The result of the investigation, which took two days, is that the stone is a synthetic green sapphire.Value only about $40 today in super-expensive Denmark. Its value in India today could therefore probably be around $10 …

Mr. Hertz informed me that the technique of enhancing the brilliance in such rings – even those with genuine diamonds – was used back in the 18th century in Portugal and elsewhere. This was well before more modern diamond technology made this superfluous and allowed diamonds and other precious stones to shine fully without enclosing them or using silver or foil. (Incidentally, Portugal colonised Goa, where this technique could doubtless also have been taken up by Indians – or perhaps vice-versa)….

I gave permission for opening the ring, (the stone is encased at the back so the stone’s underside cannot be seen, as are all so-called Sai Baba diamond rings that I have seen). It turned out to have a layer of green silver foil behind the stone to enhance the green colour and reflect light. Behind the silver foil, the golden casing was painted black. The metal is 18 carat gold. (The stone was formerly estimated by its surface size to be the equivalent of ca. 5 to 6 carats, the stone being 1.2 cm in diameter). Mr. Hertz estimated the total value of the ring as perhaps up to $200 in Denmark today”.

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