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Corrupt Indian Judges Stonewall Case Vs Sai Baba

Posted by Barry Pittard on June 23, 2007

In 2001, the celebrated Indian advocate Kamini Jaiswal (who was a lawyer for the famous ‘Bandit Queen’ Phoolan Devi) attempted to mount, pro bono, a case against Sai Baba on behalf of a former Sai Baba devotee, Hari Sampath.

Jaiswal’s reason for applying for the case to be pled in the Supreme Court of India in New Delhi was precisely for the reason that Andhra Pradesh, Sai Baba’s state, is chockful of Sai Baba police and judges. Therefore, Judges Paitnaik’s and Lahoti’s repeated statements (see link below): “Go the Andhra Pradesh court”, and refusals to give reason for their adverse decision is reprehensible. I have shown the transcripted remarks to a Judge who has also been a top government legal advisor in a major Commonwealth country, who was appalled, as other lawyers and laity alike have been.

Sampath, a software engineer from Chennai may be no bandit like Ms Jaiswal’s client the late Phoolan Devi, although many Sai Baba devotees would perhaps deem him so. He was, he relates, a former member of Sai Baba’s Security and Intelligence wing.  He co-led, with the late Glen Meloy (USA), the first major international former devotee effort that brought Sai Baba to critical attention in major media such as India Today, The Times of, The Daily Telegraph, Denmark’s National broadcaster DR and various media in Europe and beyond.

Case Derailed

Two other prominent Indian advocates Prashant Kumar and Gaurav Agarwal appeared along with Kamini Jaiswal. However, they were entirely thwarted by judges in the New Delhi Supreme Court – the Sai Baba-partial Judges Lahoti and Patnaik. There is a document which reveals instantly to any alert and unbiased reader what a ‘kangaroo court’ theirs was. This document’s provenance we can prove to competent and principled enquirers. A legal professional has transcripted the case, and part of this may be viewed HERE.

By the way, our offer of proper provenance checking facilities is likewise the case with a wide range of facts that we often have to state in places like the Internet without evidentiary detail – alas, so cautiously and abstractly! But we are – and have been all along – happy to dislose such matters to reputed, bona fide journalists or other investigators, e.g., scholars, law enforcement, government.

Why Not Plead Against Sai Baba in Andhra Pradesh?

For an example how a Sai Baba devotee Judge in Sai Baba’s state of Andhra Pradesh can pervert the course of justice see HERE. Here are brief details.

B. Premanand, of TV “Guru Buster’s” fame, and fellow Indian Rationalists, among other gutsy actions, tried but failed to expose Sathya Sai Baba in court. He too has reported physical attacks, and has told a number of us that his own son was murdered – the only material stolen being extremely compromising to Sathya Sai Baba. Sri Premanand has formed a Committee for Scientific Investigation into Claims of the Paranormal (CSICP). He mounted a court action in Sathya Sai Baba’s state of Andhra Pradesh, in which the High Court Judge Y.V.Anjaneyulu, a prominent Sai Baba devotee, ruled that the law requiring a license to produce gold does not apply to Sathya Sai Baba, who, he determined, materializes his gold from a divine realm. This 1986 case, which B. Premanand brought in the Andhra Pradesh High Court, exposed a close Sai Baba devotee judge’s violation of India’s secular legal system. Judge Anjaneyulu pronounced:

“An article or ornament materialized from air in a split second by the use of spiritual powers or otherwise cannot be said to be made, manufactured, prepared or processed within the meaning of section 11 of the Gold Control Act.”

Having lived long in India, I know well that many thinking Indians feel disgusted that their otherwise great country is still awash, from top to bottom with irrationality and corrupt practice that includes the malfeasance of Judges such as Anjaneyalu, Lahoti and Patnaik. If she makes it as a superpower, will there be an insufficient number of ethical ‘freedom fighters’ to prevent her from her existing as a moral and spiritual dwarf?!

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