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Has ‘World Saviour’ Missed His Plane?

Posted by Barry Pittard on June 24, 2007

In his February 16, 2007 so-called ‘divine discourse’, Sai Baba said, “I intend to undertake a world tour, shortly.” But will he? How can he?

The guru, perhaps the most wealthy and politically powerful in India’s long history, claims that he will save the world in his own lifetime. He will, he says, preside over the greatest changes ever to occur in history – the Moslems being the last to accept that he is God. Of course, were such a statement to be made by your average swami, we could simply laugh with either sympathy or derision.

The three-times world heavy-weight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr) proclaimed that he was “the greatest”. But, of course, he turned out to be right! and skeptics had to eat their words. Sai Baba has long proclaimed that he is the greatest “avatar” (manifestation of God in human form), but his empire looks as shakey as his own legs, and as his sagging turkey throat, which wobbles from side to side. A golf buggy transports him now, though he promised to be physically non-ageing after his 60th birthday.

Sai Baba crumbles at 81 – or even older, if British colonial records inform us well, and we may need to add another 4 years, to the birthdate he gives, so often repeated by his hagiographers. Sometimes he falls over (which, along with thousands of others, I saw him do in early 1998). At other times, he mutters indecipherably. His mask-like face suggests serious medical symptoms. His hair, which he has said would remain intact, except to go white, thins badly. He has had a number of hip operations. Film footage and photos show his students and other aides, to a point of anxiety never hitherto witnessed, at extremely close quarters ready to assist him when he stumbles or feebly issues some request. He could not even cut his ’81st’ birthday cake without assistance from a student.

Aged Individuals Can Maintain Sex Lives

None of this should seem to say that, to this day, he is incapable of taking his pleasures with boys and young men, however. With gross failure to check with the gerontological literature on the sexual channels of expression still open to the aged, defenders proclaim that his very age would repudiate the notion that he would be capable of sexual escapades.

Driven around in a golf-buggy, or flown by jet aircraft, his walking days are virtually over, and his long-promised transworld flying days never get off the ground. If not blinded by unquestioning devotion, followers might ask: Why are neither India nor the rest of the world undergoing the transformation he has so long promised to accomplish? He says he is the full avatar but his promises for decades have proved as empty as an aeroplane without fuel.

Does Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Have Abiding Attraction To Sai Baba?

Sai Baba’s worldwide organization is vast, and sends billions to him – which, see photos and commentary HERE – do not all go to social uplift work but to the erection of enormously costly edifices that glorify Sai Baba as God of Gods.

This “God” is worshipped by many millions in India and he has a vast following in many other countries. Many are not Hindus. Many power brokers, in India and far beyond are a mix of overt and covert devotees, or at least admirers. Indeed, since Hillary Clinton vies well to be the next U.S. President, media and other investigators may like to probe just what Hillary and her husband, then US President, Bill Clinton were doing when, in March 2000, they made plans, suddenly aborted, to visit Sathya Sai Baba . (The present writer can give well-reputed media or other bona fide investigators  information that is not to be disclosed on the Internet unless there is proper follow-up of the leads).

Sai Baba’s Back Yard Still Unclean

Sai Baba has said that he will first ‘clean up (his) own backyard’ and then the rest of the world before he exits around A.D. 2022. To judge by how sick he looks (and some prominent doctors are independently monitoring this aspect), any hopes that he will accomplish his stated mission appear to be irrevocably dashed – except, blinded by partiality, for the faithful of his flock, of course. (The word “Bhagavan” means:  God):

“Bhagavan told the group of his students, that His mission can be compared with an aeroplane that is going to take off. Up to 70th birthday his mission would be like an aeroplane going along the take-off track and gaining speed. These days the aeroplane is rushing and speeding up and will take off at the 75th birthday”. (Sai Reflections: The UK Sai Organisation. Quarterly Magazine: February, 1997, p.15)

The late Dr D.J. (Dhirubhai Jagjivandas) Gardhia, a UK citizen formerly of Uganda, who Sai Baba married, was an old acquaintance of mine. He told me at Whitefield in March or April 1998 that Sathya Sai Baba had told him that a) the present round of Gardhia’s visits was the last tour around the world he wanted Gardhia to make speaking at his specific request and b) that he would be visiting Rome, Southern California, Malaysia and the UK. Gardhia shared the same information with many, and it was published in the official UK Sai newsletter.

The late Howard Murphet, Australian journalist and author of best-selling books on Sai Baba, with whom he was close for years, wrote:

“Swami once, a good many years ago told me that He would not travel abroad until His own house was in order, by that He means India, of course”.  Source: Online version, “The Lights of Home”

My late and dear friend Glen Meloy (USA), wrote to a BBC researcher for The Secret Swami, and me (11 Jan 2004):

“The whole Southern California contingent was on ‘red alert’ many times over the alleged visit by SSB to the USA. All of this stemmed from a well publicized promise he had made to Elsie Cowan and the Southern California devotees that he would come and stay at her home and be available for the Tustin Book Center volunteers and selected members from the Southern California Centers. Dr. Sandweiss remodeled his house as did many others. They even created special bathrooms designed just for SSB. Elsie was still hoping for a visit after she donated the land and building for the existing Tustin Book Center on 1sr street in Tustin, California. It had a special bath that was reserved only for SSB.

When the first rumor was thought to be realized in 1974-1975, Elsie asked me to contact the Annenbergs in Rancho Mirage, California, to see if we could reserve their estate for a private meeting place that would accommodate at least 150 specially selected devotees. Annenberg was the founder of TV GUIDE and had a huge private guarded castle like estate in the desert and entertained Prince Charles, Ronald Reagan and the like.

Indulah Shaw, Dr. Bhagavatham, and Dr. Gokak visited the USA as advance people for the trip, but it never came about”.

We know that the wealthy Robert Baskin, a key lawyer to the Sathya Sai Organization, has bought a luxury mansion in southern California, equipping it to receive a visit from Sai Baba.

Now, why won’t that craft fly? No doubt it is a smart craft. But is it really crafty enough?

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6 Responses to “Has ‘World Saviour’ Missed His Plane?”

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  2. […] Posted by Barry Pittard on January 23, 2008 In more recent times, Sai Baba’s behaviour – whether it concerns his appearance or non-appearance – has become ever more erratic. The latest episode concerns his cancellation of a tennis tournament by top players from India and the Philippines. See, Champion Tennis At Top Indian Guru’s Ashram A typical bizarre case was last October 4, when there was a rush by thousands of devotees avid to see a promised vision of Sai Baba in the moon, announced by one of his top servitors, Professor Anil Kumar. In yet another extraordinary piece of behaviour, Sai Baba has canceled a tennis match. In the report below, I have highlighted in red the Indian journalist Deepika Sharma’s comment, which makes highly implausible the top Indian tennis official’s excuse about an electicity failure. One may add that the Hindustan Times, one of India’s leading newspapers, is one of the few media that will publish stories adverse to Sai Baba, although there are some signs that this is changing. See, Indian Media’s Reticence on Top Guru, Sathya Sai Baba, Weakens Tennis takes a backseat in holy land Deepika Sharma, Hindustan Times New Delhi, January 21, 2008 First Published: 23:50 IST(21/1/2008) Last Updated: 21:26 IST(22/1/2008)      Tennis was not quite blessed in the land of the Sathya Sai Baba. The India-Philippines tennis test series at Puttaparthi — the home of the Sri Sathya Sai Baba — could not take place a couple of weeks ago because of bizarre circumstances. According to sources, the first of the two ties — India won the second 3-0 at the DLTA facility here — did not happen because the Sai Baba could not turn up to inaugurate the tie and bless the players. “We were ready to start the match, when suddenly, we were told that the matches would not take place,” a player told HT on Monday. “It was really frustrating that the matches could not place because Sathya Sai Baba did not turn up to bless us and inaugurate the event,” he added. “Doordarshan had even started telecasting the first game when we came to know that we were being packed off without playing.” They were apparently told that it would be “inauspicious” to begin playing at the new tennis stadium (reportedly an outstanding facility) without the Sai Baba’s blessings. A Doordarshan sports director, Isaac, confirmed to HT that they “were prepared” to go on air. “We were all set to telecast the match live. We had even gone on air for five minutes,” he said. The reason for the official cancellation of the tie though, is obviously different. The president of the Asian Tennis Federation, also the secretary-general of the All India Tennis Association (AITA), Anil Khanna, held “power failure” the actual reason for abandoning the tie. “The first tie was called off because there was a power failure. We wanted to play under the floodlights but since there was no electricity, we had to call off the tie,” said Khanna. Incidentally, the first tie was to begin at 5pm (when it wouldn’t have been dark). Further Reading For ‘the secret swami’s’ influence on major Indian power elites, See, International Cricket And The Secret Swami For his mental and physical decline – with his minders working at fever-pitch to hide it where possible and rationalize it otherwise – See, Has ‘World Saviour’ Missed His Plane? […]

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