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of Sathya Sai Baba And his worldwide cult, the Sathya Sai Organization

Caught In One Of History’s Most Powerful Cults (3)

Posted by Barry Pittard on September 16, 2007

An “Us” and “Them” Culture

In many cults the sense of ‘family’ is cultivated. Sai Baba devotees commonly speak of “the Sai family”, “Sai brothers and sisters”.

I used to like this practice myself, because it went with feelings of shared love of the spiritual teacher and of activities such as social service, singing together, sharing experiences of “Swami’s Grace’, and so forth.

However, even at the same time, uncomfortably, I also thought it had a danger, in that it necessarily, and in a well-intentioned but unthinking manner, created a notion of “us” as differentiated from others outside the communion. Sai Baba reinforces this notion by saying that the Sai Organization is THE divine instrument, more than at any time in history, of mankind’s rescue. No matter the incessant preachments about “all people being one”, the “brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God”, and so on. Sai Baba, for example has more than once proclaimed that he, in the aspect of the Eternal, told his son, Jesus Christ, “All are one, my son. Be alike to everyone”.

The ‘Sai Revolution’ That Never Came

Since I believed that there would be a ‘Sai Revolution’, in which Sai Baba’s clear and repeated promises would be fulfilled among all the peoples of the earth, I thought, ah, well, one day, all will be able to rejoice in the notion of being ‘Sai brothers and sisters’.


The ‘Elect’ Faces An Inner Devastation

Sai Baba’s followers frequently say that “Swami sees and knows guides everything”. This sense of being an Elect was – no doubt inadvertently but with stark self-revelation – expressed by Sai Baba’s world chairman, Dr Michael Goldstein when, right after 9/11, he circularized devotees relating that “Swami prevented many of his devotees from being injured or killed in the World Trade Center where they are employed or had meetings scheduled. His Miraculous Intervention on behalf of His devotees is clearly evident”. See article, 9/11 Memories Discredit Sai Baba and His Global Cult

One of the Great, Failed, Would-be Revolutions of History

A sense of being especially chosen of God greatly enhances group cohesion as well as the individual’s own private sense of being part of the greatest spiritual revolution that has occurred in mankind’s history. W.B. Yeats wrote:

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world

To rephrase this, one may say: Things will fall apart because the Sai centre cannot hold. And mere anarchy will be loosed upon the unfortunate devotees’ inner world.

Given the state of Sai Baba’s advanced age, an move that is not a mighty miracle would preclude and forward movement. He often has to be pushed around in a wheel chair and be carted around in a golf buggy. His age as officially given is nearly 82, his next birthday being 23-11, 2007 but the his birthdate is contested by critics on evidence appearing, e.g.,  in the very prominent devotee R. Padmanaban’s book Love Is My Form, Vol.1, The Advent (1926-1950), Bangalore: Sai Towers Publishing, 2000: pages 68, 132-133, 147). For some facts and scanned documentary evidence, see HERE. Given too his advancing and undisguisable senility, both mental and physical, and his endless trail of broken promises and unfulfilled predictions, it is more arguable that his is one of the great, failed, would-be revolutions of history. Not that this vanquishes the problem. His devotees – although there have been considerable fallings away since our networked former devotee exposure activities came into their own circa 2000 – are fortified by walls no stronger than chronic blindness.

Revelations Slow But They Catch Up

This sad predicament of millions of Sai Baba followers from many countries around the world owes partly to the fact of their own unresolved and unquestioning neediness. And partly to the fact that Sai Baba and his core servitors have not, on numerous occasions, told the rank-and-file members the truth. There are instances already where these maleficent leaders have been confronted by those within their own families and significant others. This phenomenon can only increase as exposure of the dark side of Sai Baba and his core servitors is increasingly made known.

Caveat Emptor, Stercus Accidit

puttaparthi-mandir-shrouded-in-darkness.jpgPuttaparthi Sai Baba mandir (temple). But is it the Holy of All Holies? Or but giving little real light?

Unfortunately, the chances are that, so long as communities around the globe fall for his devotees’ agendas, it matters little whether Sai Baba is dead or alive. Sai Baba’s smiling photos and the vastly exaggerated stories of his protagonists will still, akin to John Brown’s body, go darshaning on, an image which, unless profoundly exposed, can distrastrously entrap unwary men, women and children of many nations.

See, previous instalments: Caught In One Of History’s Most Powerful Cults (1) and (2)

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