Call For Media and Government Investigation

of Sathya Sai Baba And his worldwide cult, the Sathya Sai Organization

Sathya Sai Baba Organization and Libel and Disinformation

Posted by Barry Pittard on May 12, 2008

Here is an except from a communication addressed to the heads of the Sathya Sai Organization. The full document is to be viewed at Robert Priddy’s main website, and is entitled:
The International Sathya Sai Organization – an accessory to a massive libel and disinformation campaign. Open letter to the Prasanthi Council – c/o Dr. M. Goldstein, Dr. G. Venkataraman and its other members

We suggest three likely main reasons why you have not moved to remedy wrongs that are all too obvious to reasonable and upright members of the public far removed from cultic and antidemocratic modes of thinking and conduct:-1) Sathya Sai Baba forbade Dr. Michael Goldstein (the top official of his worldwide institutions) to allow any discussion of the allegations – thus rejecting all principles of accountability and transparency. For many years, no official in the Sathya Sai Organization was allowed even to mention these serious matters in public, but for the very brief and severely skewed comments of your former international chairman Indulal Shah (India) and T. Sri Ramanathan (Australia).2) In view of the severe fall-away of adherent numbers and consequent threats to his formerly immense global financial donor base, Sai Baba could not afford that the facts be aired and discussed. This was the case until the pressure was so great that he made an exception and attempted ‘damage limitation’ via several newsletter webpages on the Radio Sai Global Harmony web site by your Deputy International World Chairman, and head of Radio Sai, Dr. G. Venkataraman.3) The testimonies and criticism are so substantial and wide-ranging – and so well-documented – that it is impossible to make any reasonable defence against them. This was well demonstrated by the insubstantial, issue-dodging and often directly untruthful writings by Dr. G. Venkataraman of the Prasanthi Council, Deputy World Chairman of the International Sathya Sai Organization, and head of Sai Global Harmony via WorldSpace digital satellite radio. He cast many serious slurs on the integrity of former devotees, after they dissented. All his untruths have been soundly refuted with documentation at this location:-
( )If the International Sathya Sai Organization chooses not to reply to this letter – or act upon the issues spelt out for them – it will be taken as further and definitive proof that both you and your founder wish to remain unaccountable, and also are content to be in collusion with vicious libelers.Signed by the following former Sathya Sai Organization leaders and members:

Serguei Badaev, Russia 1995-2001 Ex-President of Sai Org. Moscow Centre and Deputy National Chairman for Russia.
Timothy Conway, USA. Follower for 22 years; President of the Sathya Sai Baba Center of San Francisco from 1982-4.
Dennis J. Hanisch, USA. Follower for 27 years. Founder member and Vice-President, Seattle Center.
David. J. Lyons, USA. Follower from 1981 to 2000. Ex-President of the Center of Greater New Orleans.
Barry Pittard, Australia. 1976-1999. Former English Lecturer, Sathya Sai College, Whitefield.
Robert Priddy, Norway. 1983-2002. Founder member/Ex-Chairman of Oslo Center & Coordinator for Norway 1986-1996.
Reidun Priddy, Norway. 1983-2000. Founder member and Seva Wing Coordinator 1986-1998
Al Rahm, Office-bearing member of the SSO for decades. Regional Devotional Coordinator and founder of first Education in Human Values school in the U.S.
Barbara Shocket, USA Follower: 1980-1990.
Dhyani Jo Sinclair, Canada Member and Sai Centre Secretary, 1995-2000.

There has been no reply either this document or to a much earlier released document from the JuST group of former devotees: Towards Public Accountability and Due Investigation: A Formal Open Appeal To The ‘Prashanthi Council’

The Sathya Sai Organization has ignored many members and former members who have raised concerns with it. The policy is, variously, to ignore and denigrate. Key leaders issue false and misleading statements to the lower echelons of leadership and the rank-and-file.

Some evidence can be exposed on the Internet. There is much more, though (still more terrible but guarded for security and other reasons) that cannot be. However, there is a body of evidence which JuST is able to share – without compromising those individuals and families around the world who have requested privacy in regard to what they have shared – with bona fide investigators such as the police, government and law processes, scholars, institutions, the serious media, etc.

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