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After Leaving A Cult. Or ‘Moving On’

Posted by Barry Pittard on July 2, 2008

It is a very great untruth put out by Sathya Sai Baba’s key leaders and by his proxy supporters on the Internet that former devotees are now something other than what they, for many decades, were always known for by Sai Baba devotees – decent, compassionate, hardworking members of their professions and trades in their wider communities. See Sathya Sai Baba Cult. Blind Eye To Massive Slander

Age Power is a Factor That Bewilders Ageists

A network of former devotees is there to assist in the case of any major media or institutional investigations. It is mostly retirees who tend the websites and blogsites. Indeed, one is refreshed, rather than re-tired!

Many ex-cult followers speak of wanting to “move on”, and the experience of the Sathya Sai Baba exposé is no different to that of activists around the world in other areas with whom we are in touch.

Notion of ‘Moving On’ Can Beg The Question

A “moving on” can be commendable but not, I think, if it involves a craven avoidance of social and ethical responsibility, akin to the ostrich-like psychological denial of so many who remain in a cult. And why would one want to ‘move on’ if there is great satisfaction in serving those who have be abused and betrayed?

A few Westerners appear to have gone back to their Judaeo-Christian moorings but the multiplicity of destinations is striking: e.g., other spiritual teachers in the Indian tradition and the Western self-improvement gurus, Humanists, Rationalists, etc.

The slur by the Sai cult’s proxies on the Internet that former devotees are of the type of person who would want to league e.g., with Christian fundamentalists or any other contractive group is a classic piece of ‘guilt-by-association’, and relies on either the deliberate mangling or helpless misperception of the facts. The leaders and many in the rank and file know that former devotees are typically far removed from being this type of individual. When one vexatious – although very sincere – Christian fundamentalist vanished from the former devotees the sigh of relief was almost audible down the network.

Service to Family, Work And To The Less Fortunate Are Still To The Fore

Many who have left the Puttaparthi guru continue to embrace community service, such as working in soup kitchens, mentoring, teaching various skills and subjects among the less fortunate, assisting personally and financially with their charities, and so on. One of a number of very well-qualified mental health professionals in our former devotee network, the late and sorely missed Elena Hartgering of Florida, USA, was one of the first professional workers to attend Ground Zero, right after the tragic events of 9/11.

Naturally, many are limited in the amount of service-oriented work they do, for they are (and what greater cause!) committed to their families and workplaces.

Balance Where One Stands

Fortunately, those most active have a lifetime in the cultivation of speedy work skills, such as in the areas of researching and writing, and are thus left with plenty of time to devote to other happily balancing pursuits.

In any case, the notion of ‘moving on’ can be quite misleading. Unless one has faced the inner issues, it is one’s bodily appearance that moves on and not a tangle of unresolved issues. If joy, a sense of purpose, and a challenge to one’s skills and conscience sufficiently attend one’s work in – which can hardly be the case if one does not have other worthwhile life pursuits – then one can indeed have inwardly and most positively ‘moved on’ whilst being still engaged with exposing social injustices.

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