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Small Turnout In Russia for Solzhenitsyn

Posted by Barry Pittard on August 7, 2008

Vale Alexander Solzhenitsyn!

It may be argued that the genuine models of moral excellence are great and visionary but flawed individuals, rather than those such as Sathya Sai Baba, the failed ‘God’ who would be King of Kings.

One may find it surprising that people’s sectarian views could not be raised above, and a tribute paid to the wonderful qualities of a man like Alexander Solzhenitzen.

I asked a Russian friend of mine: why is it that one who, like so many other Russians, went through such persecution and privation would have such a poor turn-out upon his passing? Some went out in bitter cold so as to honour him. Why not many more, and what of a few hours of frostbite compared to the sufferings in a great cause such as Russians like Solzhenitsyn stood for? I asked.

In his second email, my friend wrote:

I searched the Internet and I was pleased to find the all the main points I mentioned in my first letter had been previously mentioned in a number of publications and reports.

When Solzhenitsyn came back to Russia, he criticized people and policies from different parts of the political spectrum and suggested rather utopian solutions for the country’s problems. Though relevant, his criticism was not new for people in Russia. They had heard all of that years before. It was no revelation. In fact, people were rather tired of so much criticism in their life.  As a result, he found himself isolated from any political groups and movements in Russia but at the same time he still wanted to be a prophet in his Fatherland. Finally, after being number 12 in the list of the most influencial political figures in Russia, he lost his place in the top 100.

In his previous email, my friend said:

No doubt that Solzhenitsyn was a great hero as a writer of The Gulag Archipelago. Nevertheless, he was a rather controversial figure. After coming back from the exile he had a special TV programme which was not very popular. To the end of his life, he was a supporter of the Russian monarchy and wrote a book which was considered rather anti-semitic. (Honestly, I have not read it). Some time ago, he accepted a government award from the hands of Vladimir Putin, but previously refused the awards from the hands of Gorbachev and Eltsyn. He had very bad relationships with another famous dissident Varlam Shalamov, and he never cooperated with Memorial, a Non Government Organization which tries to restore the truth about Stalin’s repressions. So, I think that some people believe that it was a sort of a double standard from his side. In our country the more a public figure has an attention and support from the authority the less trust they have from people. It looked as if the government tamed Solzhenitsyn.
As for me, I think The Gulag Archipelago is a real contribution to the processes of historical justice. At the same time, as a personality Solzhenitsyn was a bit categorical and authoritarian for me compared to academicians Sakharov or Likhachev whom I’d rather accept as moral authority than he.


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