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India’s Ancient Tradition of Respect For Elders Waylaid By Corrupt Elites

Posted by Barry Pittard on January 20, 2009

India has an extraordinary respect for elders. When undistorted by other historic sociological factors, this is an admirable and powerfully cohesive social force. But in the areas of wealth and power it has also often become, over centuries, and in many ways, distorted into an oppression that renders India a land of both concealed and gaping wounds.

This respect for the elderly is found too in other old cultures from which, likewise, the West needs to learn a great deal in regard to the need to much more cherishing and caring for the elderly – not alone in material terms but emotionally and spiritually. How can each of us meaningfully approach our own ageing well if we have not been able to qualitatively connect with, and relate to, the elderly? I may add that former devotees in various parts of the world have by no means, although severing their connection with Sathya Sai Baba, lost their community involvement in practical endeavours that honor the elderly – not to mention other seviceful activities.

Tragically for India, a gerontocracy minus meritocracy riddled and mishaped the upper part of India’s social fabric, and gave it types of leadership (so-called!) very different to the shining exceptions whom the sold-out leaders tiresomely invoke in speech after speech – in base genuflection.

The ‘India Shining’ of whom today’s propagandists and over-eager technocrats speak is not a reality. When what glitters are some technological smarts, and when there is the headlong readiness to repeat the mistakes of a materialistic West, one can be sure that all is not the old, true gold.

The shining that I saw in my years in India is truly present, especially among the people at large, but is often profoundly obscured, although paid lip service to by her incredibly powerful and conscienceless cabals of go-getters.

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