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Tony McNulty MP Expenses Furore. His Sathya Sai Baba Sect Ties Also Need To Be Probed

Posted by Barry Pittard on March 26, 2009

Those wishing for hotlinks to my blog of yesterday on the Tony McNulty MP expenses furore in the UK, and some questions which it prompts in relation to the Sathya Sai sect can go here as well: 

Tony McNulty Brit MP. Expenses Scandal Erupts. His Sai Baba Cult Nexus Yet To Be Probed

Posted by Barry Pittard on March 23, 2009

God may save the Queen, but will she save her Minister, McNulty? 

 Sai Baba-related Minister Tony McNulty Faces Expenses Enquiry

Sai Baba-related Minister Tony McNulty Faces Expenses Enquiry

Great Britain’s State Minister for Employment and Welfare Reform, Tony McNulty, is yet again under fire. Recently, he was in trouble for falsely talking up the economy. McNulty’s previous portfolios  as Immigration Minister and Minister for Security and Counter-terrorism at the Home Office also gave him some rocky rides.

Britons Angered Over McNulty’s Expenses Claims

 Last weekend, the Daily Mail broke a story about his taking large tax-free expenses for a house in which his parents live.  But McNulty himself lives in Hammersmith, a few miles from his Harrow constituency.

With hundreds of thousands of Britons unemployed, such revelations have angered many.

At first, but subsequently doing a volte face, McNulty was adamant that he was not going to hand back the at least 60.000 pounds sterling that he had claimed for a home where his parents live. This tax-free claim the Daily Mail and other newspapers (which quickly took up the story) have suggested cannot be justified by his parliamentary duties.  See:

McNulty faces probe over parents home claim

ITNMonday, March 23 01:36 pm

Probe Needed Into McNulty-Sathya Sai Baba Sect Nexus

A probe into irregularities should enquire about any payments that Sathya Sai sect officials or other members may have paid to Tony McNulty.

The powerful and extraordinarily wealthy worldwide Sathya Sai Organization broadcasts in the name of  Sai Global Harmony, transmitted internationally by satellite 24/7 via WorldSpace Radio Corporation. The head of this, Dr Michael Nobel, has shown high partiality to Sathya Sai Baba but has been exposed by the Royal Swedish Nobel Foundation and in the New York Times. See my article of yesterday.

The Sai Baba sect leaders would include the UK head of the sect, Ashok Bhagani, with whom McNultyis said to be good friends.  Bhagani’ s daughter has a lengthy employment history with McNulty, who has made many visits to Sathya Sai Baba gatherings.  See:

Tony McNulty Sathya Sai Baba Cult Supporter Tipped As UK Home Minister.

 Ashok Bhagani – Footsying With Top Blair Minister?


British PM Brown Says: Investigate paid job’ Outside Parliamentary Duties 

Although Gordon Brown’s response seems made to get the spotlight off McNulty, it contains a solid suggestion:  investigate paid jobsthat MP’s might be taking beyond their parliamentary remit. 

An enquiry needs to ask McNulty to disclose his entire dealings with this cult which has been strongly exposed by the BBC in 2004 and other major investigative media in the UK and and other countries. 

Further Reading 

The Daily Mail, which  initiated the story, now reports – last updated at 8:53 PM on 25th March 2009:

Tony McNulty’s political career in doubt as he faces inquiry in    ‘second home’ expenses row
Tony McNulty’s political career was in peril last night after Westminster’s sleaze watchdog launched an investigation over claims that he abused his expenses … 
The probe will look at his decision to designate the house in his Harrow East constituency as a ‘second home’ even although he rarely stays there.
The investigation, which could drag on for months, is deeply damaging for Mr McNulty.
Until the scandal broke, he was being tipped for a future Cabinet position.
MP perks targeted by standards committee
The Guardian Wednesday 25 March
Payments for second London homes, jobs for family members and interest-free mortgages in the firing line
The Guardian Tuesday 24 March 2009

             PM steps into expenses row with inquiry call

The prime minister also tried to wrongfoot the Tories by saying that Sir Christopher Kelly, the standards committee chairman, should at the same time examine the issue of MPs’ outside interests, including paid jobs outside parliament.


View Video  Clips that reveal the risk to the British Labour Government for tolerating Tony McNulty’s long flirtation with a cult leader so resoundingly exposed in the British media, and far beyond

NOTE: Dr G. Venkataraman, Sai Baba’s radio chief and world deputy chairman, has said on Sai Global Harmony’s official website that the aim is to transmit Sai Baba’s message into every home. What he conceals is that the agenda of the sect is to see Sathya Sai Baba ruling the world.

Has, then, Tony McNulty been taking consultancy fees or any other kind of payment in regard to the Sathya Sai Baba cult’s plans? These are to ensure that Sai Baba’s message is heard via powerful satellite transmission of Sai Global Harmony through WorldSpace Corporation across the UK, just as it broadcasts to other countries.

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  2. […] Tony McNulty MP Expenses Furore. His Sathya Sai Baba Sect Ties Also Need To Be Probed […]

  3. […] Tony McNulty MP Expenses Furore. His Sathya Sai Baba Sect Ties Also Need To Be Probed […]

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