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Dr G. Venkataraman, Sathya Sai Baba’s Nuclear Boon Companion

Posted by Barry Pittard on September 29, 2009

Robert Priddy is the former long-time head of the Sathya Sai Organization in Norway and a retired philosopher in the Social Sciences, University of Oslo. He has written insightfully on the extraordinary, often procrustean efforts of Dr G. Venkataraman to rationalise his beliefs in Sathya Sai Baba. The latter is Sathya Sai Baba’s head of Sai Global Radio and deputy chairman of the international Sathya Sai Organization  Though not a physical (actually, nuclear) scientist like Venkataraman, he has an abiding interest in the sciences, and how a certain variety of scientists, in a great minority but with unfortunate influence far beyond their importance, falsely use science to buttress up their religious claims.

The following information may be of particular value for journalistic and scholarly investigators, and also those institutions and agencies which the Sathya Sai cult in many countries attempts to influence – but without portraying their real agendas. For those who may like to hunt and peck among Priddy’s writings on G. Venkataraman, I have excerpted from articles that appear at:


Robert C. Priddy On Dr G. Venkataraman, Sathya Sai Baba’s Chief Propagandist

Dr. G. Venkataraman, propagandist in the limelight

Dr. G. Venkataraman, a physicist, formerly employed in India’s nuclear bomb programme community, became a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba when he suffered major depression after the loss of his son. Being one of the few somewhat notable scientists in the following, he was duly made Vice-Chancellor of Sai Baba’s university at Puttaparthi. He is now on the central body ruling Sai matter, the Prashanthi Council, and is 2nd-in-command of the International Sathya Sai Organization. As head of Sai Global Harmony which broadcasts Sai propaganda en masse via WorldSpace International Satellite Radio Service, 24/7 to a number of countries. The agenda of this multi-billion dollar mini-empire involves penetration of the world and infiltrations of all official bodies, governments, UN organizations and so on. The entire set-up has virtually all of the distinguishing features of a clandestinely-managed religious cult. They exploit the liberal world’s tolerance under freedom of religion legislation, though they operate in a completely top-down, no feedback, autocratic and censoring cult.

Slander by Dr. G. Venkataraman & Joe Moreno

Among the many intentional untruths that has been spun and spread about Barry Pittard and myself is the claim that we somehow are behind the entire exposè of Sathya Sai Baba ….

Dr. G. Venkarataman – head of Radio Sai and member of Sai Baba’s ruling Prashanthi Council – has lied about me on his misnamed “heart-to-heart” website, where he wrote “Robert Priddy who was one of those who started much of this slander claimed that two Vice Chancellors of Universities in Australia supported the allegations.” This is so far the only claim published against my name by any central Sai official. The distinct activity in the exposure of Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual abuses began already from about April 1999  with many testimonies and documented facts about Sathya Sai Baba’s alleged sex abuses, fraud, deceptions – I did not start any of that. The two Vice-Chancellors were contacted before my time by Glen Meloy and Barry Pittard, I have only referred their contacts with them. Since then I have spoken out on many issues known to me (not least through Sai Baba’s close servitor, V.K. Narasimhan – also my close friend and confidante).

Donations to Sathya Sai Central Trust misused by/for directors etc.

The only top Sai official who has ever even mentioned the many allegations against Sai Baba – and then only after a period of six years or more had gone by – is Dr. G. Venkataraman. He has shown his true colours, however, in having written a document full of cover-up and false statements aiming to refute the countless allegations against Sai Baba, which has been refuted in its entirety point by point with full documentation (see here).

Sathya Sai Baba, dictator Idi Amin and G. Venkataraman

In a discourse held on Christmas Day (2007) – of all days – Sathya Sai Baba chose to talk most affirmatively about the spirituality of his meetings with the despot and Dictator Idi Amin. His servile propagandist G. Venkataraman – who ought to have known better – blithely overlooked Idi Amin was a known and self-confessed murderer who had at least five wives and 23 children (plus hundreds of ‘lady friends’), who fed enemies to crocodiles, reportedly kept some of his victims in his deep freezer, and – according to persistent reports of his staff who escaped – even tasted human flesh!

Apologist for Sathya Sai Baba

The only top Sai official who has ever even mentioned the many allegations against Sai Baba – and then only after a period of six years or more had gone by – is Dr. G. Venkataraman. He has shown his true colours, however, in having written a document full of cover-up and false statements aiming to refute the countless allegations against Sai Baba, which has been refuted in its entirety point by point with full documentation (see here).


To accept Sathya Sai Baba as a universal teacher also means accepting ‘Creationism’

(see, That is a totally discredited quasi-theory, banned from education by a 1987 Supreme Court ruling.Venkataraman’s attempt to misuse science to support his belief in God does not befit anyone who truly bends to the scientific spirit.

Dr.G. Venkataraman – physicist ‘explains’ Sathya Sai Baba.

Dr. G. Venkataraman rambles on denigrating scientists and science and promoting Sathya Sai Baba – as God descended to earth – and his most spurious speculations (’teachings’) about an invisible beyond

G. Venkataraman’s out-dated and fallacious ideas – part two. Propagating Sai Baba’s anti-scientific views, Dr. G. Venkataraman – former physicist – attacks science and scientists in general for the usual sins that religionists hold them to be committing. These I refute at some length, as called for.

Atomic physics Puttaparthi style. Deeply intriguing

Some few quotations from many similarly anti-empirical statements and false ideas by Sathya Sai Baba show how he tried to impose on a simplified picture of the atom and the universe a meaning and purpose which is pure speculation… even though it has ancient roots in obscure and often confused scriptures written when humankind was in a very primitive state of speculation and ignorance of the workings of the physical universe. Interestingly, his chief propagandist is a relatively informed physicist (relative to Sathya Sai baba) yet this poor superstition-beleaguered Dr. G. Venkataraman – in his blind faith – naturally fails to challenge any of the Tommy rot his Lord and Master preaches.

Venkataraman – the most gullible physicist alive?

Dr. G. Venkataraman reviews at length developments in our scientific knowledge of the cosmos… though nothing scientific that is not found in hundreds of books and other media. Venkataraman was a physicist working for the Indian government’s nuclear programme. However, he has copied his information on astronomy from other scientific authorities. Yet he does not once attribute anything he reports to its originators or to other scientific sources! He has even plagiarised text from the Dennis Dutton website, without any mention.

Outright plagiarism: Both text and an image ‘lifted’ from by Prof. G. Venkataraman, who also took the following images, all  without acknowledgement:-

The Big Bang’ image from

An Expanding Universe’ from
‘The Periodic Table of Elements’ is from (on which he has even imposed the logo of Radio.Sai!

The Chandra Telescope’ images come from

and from

The images of white dwarfs are falsely sub-titled “ sai” but they are taken  from

He uses copyright images from the Anglo-Australian Observatory at

This failure to cite any references in articles on science or academic subjects is regarded as dilettantism by scientists and scholars. The innocent and uneducated may well believe that Venkataraman  discovered such things himself, when he is simply promoting himself as if he were an authoritative researcher. This marks him out as bogus. In addition to this absence of basic scholarly standards, he has a pretentious main agenda. He presumes to inform us of 1) The Cosmic origin of man.  2) Man’s Cosmic connections. 3) Man’s Cosmic responsibilities, and 4) Man’s Cosmic Destiny, no less!
These (contra-feminist) titles alone reveal that he is setting himself up as some kind of ‘spiritual mouthpiece’, misusing science as a mere tool in an attempt to inculcate religious belief – preferably  faith in his Lord and Master, Sathya Sai Baba, as the Incarnation of God Almighty in this Age.

Venkataraman, a victim of emotional blackmail?

One of the many former devotees with whom I correspond privately has commented to me that “Dr.G. Venkataraman lost all his scruples.” Also that he “had a harrowing experience when he lost his son and that is the main reason he is with Sathya Sai Baba who kind of gave him emotional support during the hard times.” Sathya Sai Baba is known to inquire of his servitors about persons coming to him, and so he is able to pretend he knows their problems and gives assurances he will take care of them etc.. But he does not even do this when he gets a massive payback in support, funds or other services… as was seen in the case of the long sufferings and inability to cure some of his staunchest supporters.

Money, Morality and Sai-worshipper Dr. Venkataraman

Venkataraman has lost all his scruples about sexual abuse allegations and murder cover-up by Sai Baba, he is comfortable with all of it! (See here!) So morality is certainly ignored in his scheme of things, at any rate. He also tells what everyone knows anyhow, how scientists made the atomic bomb and states, Overnight, scientists lost their innocence and became putty in the hands of those who had money to throw.” Well, G. Venkataraman is one of those very persons, for – like his more accomplished former colleague Dr. Bhagavantam – he worked for the Indian government on developing atomics which backed up India’s nuclear capacity! Now he is preaching against this… and he is one of the guilty!


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