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Tiger Woods Faces $164 Fine. Sathya Sai Baba Still Free

Posted by Barry Pittard on December 11, 2009

World champion pro golfer Tiger Woods faces a $164 fine for the driving incident in Orlando Florida, USA on 27 November 2009. Out of this small incident has erupted an ever-burgeoning series of revelations that have dominated world news headlines since that early morning.

Many commentators – even among those who agree that Sathya Sai Baba should have been answerable to proper processes of the law -keep saying:  But look at all the good social work that he has inspired.

Tiger Woods also has also brought a high profile to, and raised great amounts of money for, needy causes.

But you see – the one tiger is answerable before the law. The other one, in India, isn’t …..


Tiger Woods. Holding His Tongue

Tiger Woods. Holding His Tongue

In regard to the Tiger Woods furore, here is a little Barry Pittard song (which is protected by APRAThe Australasian Performing Right Association)

Burning Bright

Another pro has got shot down in flames

For consorting with various sorts of dames

Now no-one’s denying a man sometimes connives

But don’t these gals know these guys have wives?


Says the Reporter – I’ve got this sacred duty

To service goodness and truth and beauty

I’ve millions of readers who need me to feed them

And my Publisher feeds me my bonus to heed them


Says the Lawyer to each blushing dainty damozel

Close your mouth now honey, we’ll pay you so swell

Or to madams who drive a harder deal

Lawyer says: trumpet small – but in essence don’t squeal


Lawyers and Reporters love Mademoiselles

Who tout and spout a tale that sells

Now here’s a conundrum – you can have a go

Just tell me who’s the pro, and who’s the pro!


But says the Reader and the Viewer, whose hearts would be pure

Am I any more beautiful or gooder or truer

Than the paparazzi, and the snooper, and the spy

– Who tout juicy news, be it truth or a lie?


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