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Baba Ram Dev’s Challenge to Indian Government and Corporate Corruption

Posted by Barry Pittard on June 8, 2011

The Swami Ramdev challenge to high level government and corporate corruption in India is but one indicator of the type of institutional violence with which Manmohan Singh is ready to react (see Reuters report below) when confronted not by a handful of determined foreigners from various countries but by a popular swami from within India itself. Baba Ram Dev, like Mahatma Gandhi and other Indian leaders, resorts to the fast-unto-death means of getting his message across.

An interesting comment appears at Live and The Wall Street Journal:

“The root of the problem is the present government. Its complete disregard for serious problems of governance has opened the door for the rash politics of the Ramdev kind. Had it paid more attention to these issues, these groups could have been easily ignored. The UPA’s managers know that this can’t be done because of the depleted political stock of their government. The spectacle of ministers first grovelling before a godman at the airport and then ordering a pre-dawn police crackdown is only a symptom of the larger crisis of governability”.

Indian court weighs in on guru protest

Paul De Bendern, Reuters

First posted: Monday, June 6, 2011 6:22:45 EDT AM

NEW DELHI – India’s Supreme Court called on the government on Monday to justify why it sent police to end a peaceful anti-graft protest by a popular yoga guru and thousands of his followers, spelling more trouble for embattled prime minister Manmohan Singh.

Around 600 police broke up a mass hunger strike led by Swami Ramdev in New Delhi with batons and tear gas early on Sunday, detaining the guru, who is a TV star, and putting him on a plane to his home state. Dozens of followers and police were injured.

Tapping into spiralling voter anger about corruption as Asia’s third largest economy booms, Ramdev has called on the government to pursue billions of dollars in illegal funds abroad, and introduce tough anti-corruption legislation.


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