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Young Male Sex Abuse: Legal ‘Locomotive’ Hurtles Towards Sai Baba’s Accomplices

Posted by Barry Pittard on July 19, 2011

Important Breakthrough!

Litigation against the Sathya Sai Baba forces of serial sexual and other criminal abuses is now powerfully on the move. World class law firms are being consulted. Millions of dollars are on call for this fight on behalf of one of history’s profoundly righteous causes.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Those who wish to litigate or in other ways support legal actions against those who supported the years of homosexual abuse of boys and young men, and other abuses, can, with assurance of strict confidentiality contact my close and trusted colleague Robert Priddy: or myself, Barry Pittard at: or Jay Narain (former Sathya Sai student) client of Hunt and Hunt law firm (see below) at:

Litigation against the Sathya Sai Baba cult is aimed at holding accountable  Sathya Sai officials and other enablers complicit in permitting and covering up his, and others’, wide-scale, serial sexual and other criminal abuses.

Thus, our Sathya Sai Baba cult exposure now moves into a whole new phase. An impressive array of former Sathya Sai Baba alumni and others stand ready to use formidable wealth to show India and the world that corruptors of the young can, and must be, unmasked.

Former Sai Baba devotees have fought, in the two decades, a gruelling, uphill, international campaign. They expect, soon enough, resounding vindication. From the moment ex-devotees spoke out truthfully – which was, and is, their habit – Sai Baba branded them “demons”, and “Judases”, saying that they were condemned forever and beyond salvation.

‘By Their Fruits Shall Ye Know Them’

Sai Baba devotees have an appalling record for their maltreatment of former devotees. They have repeatedly vilified, shunned, made apostates out to be liars and fools, cruelly libelled them on the internet, and threatened with law suits and criminal proceedings.

T. Sri Ramanathan, Kulwant Rai, et alia

One of these attempts to cower us was the unconscionable bluff by top Sathya Sai Organization leader T. Sri Ramanathan. As well-informed Sai Baba devotees in Australia know too well, he is accounted – more particularly behind hands and doors in whispers – an authoritarian bully within the Australian Sathya Sai Organization itself, which he led for several years. The devotees, all too lamb-like, would say e.g., “Rama is simply Baba’s test for our sadhana; Swami knows all our karmas”.  See: Ramanathan Threatens Barry Pittard With The Law 

Likewise appearing to think that we were panicky lambs, the Sathya Sai Baba supporter Kulwant Rai, one of India’s wealthiest moguls, and scion of the Rai family, various of whom are Sathya Sai Baba devotees, threatened us via his lawyers.

With scarcely a penny in our pockets – at that time! – our forces welcomed them to proceed. We wanted the facts to come out. Our course was, and is, entirely just. We had nothing to hide, but they did, so they threatened like bovver boys.

They – having too much to hide – went away. More’s the pity.

Typically, Sathya Sai devotees – who forever harp on Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Prema and Non-violence – acquiesced with their centre, zone, national and Sathya Sai Central Trust and international Sathya Sai Organization in a glacial wall of silence.  Former devotees were now, in effect, non-persons.

So much for all the bright, beamy ‘Sai Ram’ nomenclature such as:  “Sai brothers and sisters”, and Sai Baba’s catch cry of “Love all, Serve all”!

One Day, Outraged Boys Become Enraged Men – And, Formidably, Sue!

Many who, when boys, came to grief at the hands of Sathya Sai Baba and various of his key servitors – including notable Sai Baba teaching Staff who have betrayed their duty of care as teachers – now increasingly gather support for very powerful legal action.

The members of the group make firm pledges to ensure that Indian citizens, and the world, are satisfied that the malefactors complicit with Sathya Sai Baba, and, in some cases, actually homosexual abusers of boys and young men themselves and offenders in other areas, are made accountable.

Many victims were students in Sathya Sai Baba’s education establishments, and are from a number of countries. In the aftermath of their bitter experiences – which included the betrayal of their parents, guardians and significant others who thought Sathya Sai Baba and his teachers were trustworthy – they have succeeded as responsible, upright citizens in a veritable array of businesses and professions. Some have attained awesome wealth and notability, which they wish to see put to the service of righteousness – or dharma, as some of them who are heirs of Eastern spiritual and cultural backgrounds term it.


Note from the website of Hunt and Hunt, a top Australian law firm which has an extensive international reach, and just one of the law firms being consulted:

“Many of our practitioners are regarded as thought leaders in their field. They are often asked to provide media commentary on various industry developments and legal issues.

Finance Monthly Law Awards 2011


Hunt & Hunt is the winner in the category of International Trade Law Firm of the Year, Australia for the Finance Monthly Law Awards 2011

Hunt & Hunt is the winner in the category of International Trade Law Firm of the Year, Australia for the Finance Monthly Law Awards 2011

Established in 1929, Hunt & Hunt is a leading Australian law firm, with offices in Sydney (City and North West), Melbourne and Adelaide.

Hunt and Hunt’s strength and reputation are in three core areas – Commercial, Insurance and Property – and over the years has gained clusters of clients across a number of key sectors. These include financial services, transport, manufacturing, government, health, IR, education and property”.


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