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Sathya Sai Alumni Need To Speak Out. Hiding Maintains A Culture Of Dirt

Posted by Barry Pittard on August 8, 2011

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Is it honorable to wrap oneself in the silent icy shadows of unspoken terrible truths, leaving others to stand forth and to take the brunt? 

When all the details become available, I hope to be able to tell a story of one family’s determination to expose the dirty, abusive cabal that surrounded Sathya Sai Baba, and the catching of one of the most prominent of his teachers. All eloquent when on the stage at Puttaparthi. All neat, pressed and white-clad on the outside, but all dirt on the inside. Prison clothes will befit him. He will have to be kept in another section of the prison. Many prisoners love children, and they do not in the least like what, in Australian prison argot, are referred to as ‘Rockspiders’.

He gave many of you who were part of the Sathya Sai education system a bad time. Some of you lay down in the dirt with him. Some of you perpetrated the same offences on yet others. He, and those like him, took your strength, but only YOU can reclaim it. Mental health professionals well know that such experiences later on terribly erode (though often unconsciously) marital and family life and health.

This so-called educator is an utter disgrace to his noble profession. The whole world of responsible, caring and ethical teachers can only condemn his betrayal of students, their parents, family and friends, and the extended Sai community.

Only the habit of strong actions can build you up and make you strong again. It is a perpetually self-renewing habit. One cannot allow oneself to be made weak by the strength of the weakness of those all around.

When I taught my boys at the Sathya Sai College outside Bangalore (1978-9), I thought that this role was as fortunate a one as could ever bless a teacher.

Sai Baba's Brindavan Campus - A Pretty Face To The World

It seemed to me, then, that in front of me were souls, noble and good, who would shine wherever they went in the world, some to the world of the farm, some to affairs of state, some to healing, others to exploring the stars and oceans, to government, the armed forces, and all the rest. And indeed, some to be teachers – a role, in significant ways, second only to that of parents and immediate family.Trustworthy teachers, I mean ……

The Small Library (Whose heart’s aim was to make boys grow into strong men)

Let me tell those boys – although, I have to remind myself, they are men now – a story. Remember how we had a room to ourselves in the college. We called it ‘The Small Library’. It was rather special, wasn’t it? It was a bustling hub of cultural activity. Moreover, a meeting place for boys who would not normally mix all that much. Boys who were dark or lighter-skinned. Boys posh. Boys rough. Boys who had it comfortable in the residential college, and others who daily, six days a week, came and went in rattling, crowded buses, some from long distances. Boys who hailed from villages and from cities and towns up and down India. Boys from the homes of ex-maharajas and maharani’s and the power elites.

Golden Builders

But the ‘Small Library’ without preachings but more like bees building the golden honey –  welded us into a learningful, toiling force. It was a place for sinking obstructive differences. A place that went far beyond  grubbing for paltry marks and petty privileges.

And years later, I heard that your beloved English lecturer PK (Mohanty), my dear and esteemed colleague,  got cast out. Why? Because, it is my understanding, his was one small voice strong in defence of your innocence. Think back to others, whom you happen to know were not ‘bad eggs’  who got cast out. Think back, too, to the boys whose parents withdrew their boys from college. Think of all the hush-hush that went on about it. This form of thinking back that has triggered off the questioning process in others. Boys whom you held dear were lambs to the slaughter. I can tell you, if you do not already know it – they suffer terribly now. There is a terrible legacy of sexual confusion, relationship difficulty, and great spiritual and moral betrayal.

Because you are alumni of Sathya Sai institutions, the careers of many of you have prospered. It has allowed you to leap over candidates for jobs in many trades and professions. It has conferred  privileges for you and your families vastly denied even to many in India’s privileged classes in India. But then, because of the psychological damage of the great many abuses, many of your brothers from your Sai education days have had their lives wrecked. Might you not think that they need you now? Might it not occur to you that some of them wish to see stopped those perpetrators who still thrive? 

There are moves – in India and internationally – to apply various remedies to these evils. Some of these are:

– Legal. Both in regard to criminal law and civil litigation

– Healing in regard to individuals and families affected by various forms of abuse by Sathya Sai Baba and his accomplices and supporters

– Addressing abuse of the young via the work of public education and reform in India and other countries .

Well may PK’s voice still have trembled. But feeling weak does not mean that you are not strong. The good soldier is scared to the gut, but pitches into battle. It is all a matter of working with what strength you have available to you, and landing the blow, or doing the tender deed, in the best place you can manage at the time.

Bullies need to be felled. And you need to strike down their ability to offend. Rehabilitating them is often out of the question. The habit of strength grows from less to greater, and weakness becomes a stranger. Some of you who see PK may like to tell him that I am speaking to you.

There, in that ‘Small Library’ with its big strong heartbeat, which I have always since heard in my heart, was a sacred place. Have they pulled it down?

In ‘The Small Library’, in imaginative and vivid ways, you were able to crawl out from under the dreadful and stilted rote ‘learning’ endemic in so much ‘education’ in India and many another place. You affirmed, in pragmatic ways,  Sathya Sai Baba’s insistence that the only ‘caste’ is the ‘caste’ of Humanity. We worked strongly as a team.  But of what profit if you should apply teamship only to doing so well in cricket if you cannot be strong in the far greater ‘game’ of a life well-lived? (Mind you, if I may dilate – India will do well at cricket at least until our new players in the Australian Test 11 have had their baptism in fire in the next three or so years).

Remember how we organized for boys with advanced English skills to communicate our tasks across a number of Indian state mother tongues? Think of any one initiative of ours – and how one kind of strength would contribute to the building of other types of strength! Think of how we got out of our heads and into our hands and, for example, bound books with rapidly establishing skill – and how, the respect of the intellectuals burgeoned when the boys who came from artisan backgrounds were able to shine. And how boys who were not bookish or particularly philosophical began to see how ideological concepts can interact with practical ones.

What did it matter to us that the old system – not terribly much reformed since the Englishman Lord Macaulay had his way with ‘education’, so-called, in India – got a bit of a shaking, and boys streamed through the ‘Small Library’, and sat up and down corridors, around what we created!  This spectacle shocked some of the frigid, chin-stroking ‘elders’? It was only later that I heard that some of more hide-bound lecturers wanted us shut down. And what would a foreigner know about teaching young Indians? How could I fail? – you guys taught me ….! 

Thank goodness we had some who stood forth for us. Will you not stand forth now?

Eventually, your famous Indian scientist Dr Bhagavantham sent a lovely letter of appreciation. Some of you may know that in later years he spoke up to Sai Baba. (I am told, but cannot prove, that a member of his family was abused). A well-known and respected Indian industrial leader who was permitted to pass in and out of Sai Baba’s compound, told me that Sai Baba, just outside the door of the Kadugodi residence, went into a terrible fit of yelling at Bhagavantham. The latter was cast out. One of a long line of abrupt, often unexplained disappearances, as many of you will know. How absurd that we ever thought that Sai Baba simply showed, from time to time, his “Rudra Siva aspect”.  He was a bully. Let’s call things by their right name. Are you still scared? Then stop it. You will despise yourself, when the children all around you need to see a man of alight with strength and decency.

But you see, unless you stand forth strongly yourself, you never get to identify those others who are strong, and with whom you can make common cause. Stand with them and you will end up with friends the like of which will make you wish to be in no other company.

Trust was established, obstacles fell.  We blazed pathways to cooperative learning. We put the ‘busy’ into business. I had a good time. Did you?

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Sexual Abusers Must Be Convicted And A Public Educated (the Sai Baba Saga)

Posted by Barry Pittard on August 8, 2011

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