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Sai Global Harmony Radio International Broadcaster Uses Anna Hazare’s Name In Propaganda Efforts

Posted by Barry Pittard on November 25, 2011

I note that the international Sathya Sai satellite broadcaster, Sai Global Harmony, via the WorldSpace Radio Corporation, has just used a Sai cult member’s account of his ‘meeting’ with Anna Hazare, the courageous and greatly respected leader of the mass, pan-Indian campaign against endemic Indian government and corporate corruption. Allowing for social, political and cultural differences, there are strong comparisons to be drawn between the Indian struggle against corruption among the elite and struggles elsewhere in the world, such as the ‘Arab Spring’ and the ‘Occupy’ movement sweeping the USA and other countries. See my article: Occupy Movement Exemplifies Sathya Sai Baba’s Failure As Social Reformer

Sai Radio Propaganda Uses Respected Names To Cover Up For Sai Corruption

The Sai devotee claimed on-air that Hazare stated to him, in no uncertain terms, the primal divinity of Sathya Sai Baba. I reference:

Locked in a vast effort, following both earlier and more recent exposures, the international Sathya Sai Organization, having lost many members, struggles desperately to rebuild, and at least keep somehow afloat, the Sathya Sai empire.

The Indian media is well-placed to ask Baba Hazare and/or his official spokesperson to confirm or deny the report on Sai Global Harmony? But will they? Will they ever attempt to atone for their shame in allowing the foreign media to expose Sathya Sai Baba and his cult?

Alert sleuths may also like to see whether Sai Global Harmony almost talking to itself, and a smattering of NRI’s and others around the world – speaking essentially to the converted. If not, the Sathya Sai Organisation’s repeated statements (which we can document from official Sai literature) about having vast followings worldwide are yet again exposed as false.

Clearly, the Organisation uses the Hazare name, among other public names (as it does with those such as Gavaskar and Tendulkar), to bolster up what’s left of the Sai Baba ‘name and fame’. This at a time when the discredited cult fights for its survival worldwide. I add that there has been intense pressure to obtain governmental sanctions for a powerful, far-reaching transmitter in the British Isles for Sai Global Harmony satellite radio broadcasts. But the Sathya Sai Central Trust lawyer SS Naganand has just made a watershed statement, which represents a departure from the profound secrecy of the Sathya Sai Organization down many decades. As reported by NDTV – see:

Sathya Sai Central Trust releases annual financial report

by Maya Sharma, Updated: November 23, 2011 17:49 IST

“We are being watched by many organisations, the government and many other institutions in India and abroad. That’s why we thought we will take measured steps”.

Indeed, this international attention of which Naganand speaks has been very much part of our job to ensure. It is our point about the utter failure of the Sathya Sai Organization to show accountability that the cult from top to bottom has reviled and libeled those who have – with rational voice – spoken out. But from the cult, there is not a word of apology for all the hatred vented against former devotees and other critics.

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