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Pedophilia: Why Do Most Of Us Protect the Jimmy Saviles Everywhere?

Posted by Barry Pittard on November 1, 2012

It is one of the biggest exposures of a revered figure for serial pedophilia. And now, after his death in October 2011, the extraordinary, Sir Jimmy Savile pedophile revelations in the UK keep on coming.

High level Government and major media investigations will spotlight situations where many in positions of authority knew of but remained silent about Savile’s serial sexual rampages.

There are now two independent enquiries. Dame Janet Smith, former High Court of Appeals judge, will head a panel to look at BBC culture and practices when Jimmy Savile worked there. Nick Pollard, former executive of Sky News, will investigate the suspicious spiking of BBC’s Newsnight exposure of Jimmy Savile, shortly before a BBC tribute to Savile was due to be aired. Pollard’s report is due in December. The Smith report is due in the Spring (UK, March to May) of 2013.

Sathya Sai Baba with Indian PM, Manmohan Singh. Many investigators – such as suppressed Indian police, journalists in major media, government officials, judiciary and those working other areas – know that Manmohan Singh, along with other Indian Prime Ministers, Presidents and powerbrokers across the Indian political spectrum, has long covered up Sathya Sai Baba’s vast, sexual abuse of boys and young men and other crimes. A former Inspector General of a major police force spoke to me of Sai Baba as a candidate for arch criminal of the 20th century. (For serious media and other investigators, I am happy to share his name).

(For more comments, see my article: Serial Pedophile Issues and Comparisons: Sir Jimmy Savile and Sathya Sai Baba. Posted by Barry Pittard on October 30, 2012). In this article, I wrote:

“Indian leaders, many of them strongly complicit across political divides in decades of cover up of the Sathya Sai Baba sex and other scandals – and already being shamed by the powerful pan Indian movement against political and corporate corruption – would do well to take five minutes of their time to look at the sort of official questioning increasingly being mounted in the UK in the Savile case”.

The Indian government Minister mentioned in the following reference, Renuka Chowdury, is a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. Despite the report, India still lags far behind in addressing child abuse:  

“A study into child abuse in India has found that more than half the children questioned said they had been sexually abused. Researchers spoke to more than twelve thousand children. Two-thirds said they’d experienced physical abuse. India’s Minister for Child Development, Renuka Chowdury, called the findings disturbing and said it was time to end the conspiracy of silence surrounding child abuse. The extremely revealing research was commissioned by the Ministry of Women and Child Development of the Government of India and carried out by independent researchers. It is supported by Save the Children and UNICEF and is a major and authoritative and highly representative social psychological study which goes into great detail and spans the whole of India.” See the whole report at:

But will too much of the UK investigations focus on a few figures like Savile and a handful of criminal accomplices and another handful of officials who failed in their duty of care?

See the video clip at:

In Blaming Public Institutions, Do We Fail In Our Own Civic Or Personal Duty of Care?

A few deauthorized heads rolling does relatively little to change the passive acceptance by most of us of one of the most insidious evils that stalk society. When we fail to protect the most vulnerable in our society, we are, ourselves, dangerous fools. Proper protection of my children includes the proper protection of your children. Those too blinkered to see this point unwittingly aid and abet the insidious predator cultures.

Much decorated – including by the Queen and the Pope – Sir Jimmy Savile is now subject to a vast horror file of pedophile revelations, which seem to extend for six decades. Allegations rain thick and fast that many in the entertainment industry, in the charity sector, the police, the government, and well beyond, knew of his sexual deviancy. They turned a blind eye. They shut up. And there was silencing of those who tried to investigate the corruptions. News articles – by intrepid investigators get spiked. Superiors frighten and muzzle conscientious journalists, police, social workers, nurses, and many others, who are doomed to terrible professional frustration.

The much overused expression ‘icon’ is certainly apt in Savile’s case. Millions of Britons regarded him as a great national icon. Exposed is a whole culture of institutional failure – in governments, police, the BBC, various charities, the entertainment industry, and beyond.

However, it is one thing to focus on these sectors. Yet, as those such as Robert Priddy and myself, who have long experience in exposing corruption in the highest places, have learnt, all too acutely, that in focusing only on institutions, we can fall into a grave error. Namely, that in not exposing public apathy and cowardice at large, we risk focusing on others, and not ourselves. Who is to blame? Never us. Oh no. We who so mindlessly idolize stars, and when they are, at last, exposed either refuse to believe the duplicity of our guilty as hell heroes and heroines or else join the mob in now reviling them.

But who averts eyes from the sexual abuse and other crimes about us – in our own families, workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, neighborhoods?

Who morally and in other ways fails to support whistleblowers who, at great cost to themselves, speak out?

Who fails to insist that our representatives address issues like proper support for social workers, social justice advocates, police, teachers, helpline people, and many others who daily battle to aid those who fall prey to criminal abuses of various kinds?

Who fails to spend even a few moments in signing petitions to parliamentarians on a range of justice issues, or writing Letters to the Editor, etc?

Who fails to use their social networks to tell others, and thus to support those who campaign, and face constant attacks on their integrity, because they fight so alone and so unsupported?

Who – may one ask – has children of their own and yet acts as if oblivious of the great many skilled, and increasingly well-organized, pedophiles at work everywhere? Or who, at least, is watchful in regard to their own children, and shows little or no pragmatic care for other children?

Forgetting constraints like social embarrassment, preening self-image and so on, each of us can send across our networks the following link for the British ITV1 Panorama television documentary, which has done so much to surface the testimony of women in the UK who speak of Sir Jimmy Savile’s sexual abusing them when they were very vulnerable teenagers. The interviewer is former detective Mark Williams-Thomas, who has a strong record as a police investigator in child abuse.

“Exposure – The Other Side of Jimmy Savile”.

Call for media and government investigation of Sathya Sai Baba

Today’s news ….

New Savile allegations add to pressure on BBC

Reuters / London Nov 01, 2012, 01:06 IST

Facing questions on how suspicions about Savile were handled are BBC head George Entwistle and his predecessor Mark Thompson, new CEO of the New York Times co. Two independent inquiries and a police investigation are under way. Fresh allegations emerged on Wednesday of sexual misconduct by late BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, further damaging the corporation’s reputation and increasing pressure on its management.

Police looking into the hundreds of allegations, mostly from the 1970s and 80s, of sexual abuse involving Savile — who died last year — arrested 1970s pop star Gary Glitter earlier this week. More arrests are expected.

Savile was regularly allowed to take “star-struck” young women into private bedrooms at a hospital in northern England, Terry Pratt, a former porter there, told the BBC on Wednesday.

Savile, a fund-raiser for Leeds General Infirmary, would regularly arrive at the hospital late at night with two women, go to the nurses’ flats and leave before dawn.

“He would go up and see the lad on the desk … he’d take the key and … would walk out and the two women would follow him towards the nurses’ home,” he told the BBC. Pratt said the women seemed “star-struck” and “not very streetwise”.

The hospital said in a statement: “We continue to be shocked by each new allegation. It is important that they are investigated properly”.

The report came a day after a former royal aide said Savile’s behaviour on visits to Prince Charles’ residence, St James’ Palace, had aroused “concern and suspicion”.

Dickie Arbiter told the Guardian newspaper Savile would greet young women working at the palace by “rubbing his lips all the way up their arms”.

An ex-patient at the secure hospital Broadmoor has shed light on how difficult it was for individuals to come out against Savile at the height of his fame.

According to the tabloid Sun, the woman was put in solitary confinement for six months after telling a nurse Savile had sexually assaulted her.

The nurse accused her of “bizarre made-up thoughts”.

An inquiry into whether the BBC’s culture and practices enabled sexual misconduct to go undetected in the Savile years began this week, led by former Appeal Court judge Dame Janet Smith. She is expected to publish her findings by December.

Call for media and government investigation of Sathya Sai Baba

Today’s news ….

Culture, Media and Sport Committee

MPs on the Culture, Media and Sport Committee have taken evidence on the BBC’s response to the Jimmy Savile case on 23 October 2012.

The committee heard evidence from George Entwistle, director general of the BBC.

Police have launched a criminal inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse against former BBC presenter and DJ Jimmy Savile, who died in October 2011 aged 84.

They have described him as a predatory sex offender and believe he may have sexually abused many people, including young girls, over a 40-year period, sometimes on BBC premises.

Mr Entwistle has announced two inquiries regarding the sex abuse claims.

The first is looking into why a Newsnight investigation into the claims was shelved and is being led by former head of Sky News Nick Pollard. It is expected to report in December.

The second will be led by former High Court judge Dame Janet Smith and will examine the culture of the BBC during the years that Savile worked there. The results are expected in spring 2013.

On Monday, the Newsnight editor responsible for dropping the report into claims Savile sexually abused people stepped aside.

Peter Rippon’s move is for the duration of the inquiry into Newsnight’s handling of the planned report.

Earlier this month, in a blog, Mr Rippon explained the editorial reasons behind his decision to axe the report.

The BBC has now issued a correction, calling the blog “inaccurate or incomplete in some respects”.

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