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Sathya Sai Baba Man, Gerald Moreno: Islamic Terrorism Issue

Posted by Barry Pittard on June 1, 2009

One of Gerald Moreno’s myriad character assassination forays against former Sai Baba devotee critics (and others like the Indian Rationalist B.Premanand and the independent British scholar Kevin Shepherd) has been the attempt to make it seem as though I would incite Islamic terrorism.

In fact, I had long ago written a cautionary piece showing how terrorists might regard a famous religious figure like Sathya Sai Baba, who claims to be the One who sent the Prophet (may Peace be upon his name). The whole upshot was – well before the events of 9/11 – that to be forewarned was to be forearmed.

My point was that the Sai officials have not been upfront to their congregations about this danger, not least at a time when those of Christian (Christmas) and Jewish background (for Haneka, shortly before Christmas) visit Puttaparthi.

Moreno, showing the breathtaking profundity of his patently poorly educated analytic abilities, made much about my releasing such details, as though Islamic terrorist planners needed an obscure article of mine to let them know of India’s most famous religious figure and the whereabouts of the most famous ashram in India.

Nor saw he fit to consider that among my readers may be counted any of that great majority of Muslims who deplore terrorism and who, if anyone, can work to counter the great evil that so badly misrepresents those positive tenets of their Faith. In fact, one of the grave difficulties besetting that religion, as it does Christianity, Hinduism, etc., is that of the dangerously simple-minded, who think, if thinking it is, in tight boxes, and would box in the rest of us.

Nor did Moreno think anything of himself ensuring wider coverage of the issue by posting his wild misinterpretations to a major Indian Internet portal.

I also sent a note of concern – on what struck me as very real dangers – to a former colleague of mine in Puttaparthi, at Sai Towers Publishing, Chris Parnell, who had become webmaster for the offical Australian Sathya Sai Organization website in Australia. He did not write back to me, but straight on the heels of my email to Parnell, the Puttaparthi police head of security did write.

To experts in the Federal Government of Australia, I also detailed aspects drawn from my knowledge of Puttaparthi and other Sai Baba-related matters. Two of them who were interested enough to have contact with me by phone gave me a detailed and serious hearing. See Robert Priddy: Terroist-related Slurs Used By Sai Baba Internet Fanatic

Gerald Moreno’s swashbucklings are meted out upon all sides – except, of course, in relation to Sathya Sai Baba and the Sathya Sai Organization. On these he has long been uncritical in the extreme, and, as our evidence reveals, works in with a number of those close to Sathya Sai Baba as well as other members of the organization. Everyone who has critically examined the Sathya Sai Baba issue – the BBC, DR, SBS, Times of London, Telegraph, Guardian, and so on – are all, as he deems it, wrong, and warrant his terrible and swift sword. More recently, eight Wikipedia editors were involved in an exhaustive process that led to Moreno’s banning for appalling behaviour, of a kind which he forever denies –  see the ban recorded here (Gerald Moreno = User SSS108). For but a minute percentage of Moreno’s ‘hot’, aggressive language, see HERE:

Select Reading

Robert Priddy (Former Head of Sathya Sai Organization, Norway. University of Oslo, Rtd)

Gerald Moreno – Christian Fundamentalists, Anti-Semitism, Fascism

G.J. Moreno’s ’senile dementia’ slurs, avoidances & irrationality

Gerald Moreno’s fundamentalist Christian slur campaign

Joe Moreno – massive internet abuse

Smear Campaign against critics of Sathya Sai Baba


Brian Steel (Scholar and author of books, including those widely read when he was a follower of Sathya Sai Baba. University of Monash, Rtd)

Diversionary Tactics by an Internet Demagogue

The pro-Sathya Sai Baba Campaign of Gerald (‘Joe’) Moreno


Timothy Conway, Ph.D., (Scholar in the sociology and author of books on Eastern philosophy and religion. California Institute of Integral Studies)


Kevin Shepherd (Independent British Scholar, author of many works on philosophy and religion, who has had no affiliation with Sathya Sai Baba or his Sathya Sai Organization)

Wikipedia Issues and Sathya Sai Baba

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Mumbai Nightmare. Much Love To India At This Time

Posted by Barry Pittard on November 29, 2008

Many from India,

Mumbai Tragedy. The heart is sore for those who have been afflicted

Mumbai Tragedy. The heart is sore for those who have been afflicted

and those of Indian origin who live elsewhere in the world, come daily to this blogsite.

Having lived several years in India, and never known to be surpassed the great generosity, kindness and deep love that I so frequently experienced, I join all round the world whose hearts go straight to you.

India has just been – and is still being at this writing – deeply wounded. Her security forces and others in the path of the devastation have reacted with many acts of courage and sacrifice, and loss of their own lives or the shattering of bodies which will always bear the aftermath.

May there, somehow, be a great healing …

I have written a little elsewhere of profoundly life-changing experiences I had while living in India, see:

A Strong India Can Bless The World

Posted by Barry Pittard on June 21, 2008


In the work in which I was in a small way involved, I saw the “emphasis on cross-community engagement and responsibility. One could see close up how Indians from various religious and cultural backgrounds (e.g., Hindu, Moslem, Sikh, Parsee, Jain, Christian, etc.) worked extraordinarily well together”.

“Receiving extraordinary kindness wherever I traveled, I experienced how so many Indians from a great array of backgrounds truly practise their time-honored notion that ‘guest is God’. When I was ill on a number of occasions, I experienced bountiful kindness and care of Indian people from various backgrounds, which at least twice saved my life”.

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World Gallup Poll. Muslim Project

Posted by Barry Pittard on February 28, 2008

One of the great attractions to Sathya Sai Baba felt by people from many countries has been his evangel of respect for the various faiths.

Has Sai Baba Kept Promise of Reaching Through to World Faiths?

One can search in vain for any decently researched examples that show any capacity by him or his global Sathya Sai Organization to succeed in interfaith outcomes. See my articles:  Muslim Leaders Initiative Bold. Sai Baba’s Efforts Fail and Will World Accept Sai Baba? He Says Yes. Very Soon).

From time to time, when Sai Baba attracts a prestigious Moslem, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, etc., this individual is keynoted and the impression given to audiences that to a significant degree Sai Baba’s “divine love” is making a significant impact around the world. It is not, as the media or anyone else can readily determine by asking the major international interfaith groups or the spokespersons of any of the world’s great faiths.

One naturally queries, then:  Where, if anywhere, is Sai Baba in the interfaith equation?  What, if any, distinctive contribution to interfaith conferences have Sai Baba and his Sathya Sai Organization made?

The Gallup Poll Project Among World Populations

One vast undertaking to obtain facts about the attitudes and values of people around the world is being undertaken by the Gallup Poll organization. Even one project such as this makes Sai Baba’s statements about creating understanding and unity among the various faiths pale by comparison. It is about practicality, not about preachments. It is also about letting people speak for themselves, instead of being dictated to, which is endemic to the authoritarian, unaccountable, Soviet-style Sathya Sai Baba cult.

“In the largest undertaking of its kind, Gallup will
measure the well-being of the world for the next
100 years, annually polling 95% of the Earth’s adult population. The Gallup World Poll is the largest available source of key world data, providing access to the voices, hearts, and minds of citizens in more than 130 countries and territories”. Source: The Gallup World Poll

Gallup Poll Muslim Project

Here, for example, are its aims for its project on Muslims:

“Gallup’s self-funded Poll of the Muslim World is conducted in 40 predominantly Muslim nations and among significant Muslim populations in the West. It is the first set of unified and scientifically representative views from 1.3 billion Muslims globally, and will provide the basis for the Center’s unique analytical perspective. The Poll of the Muslim World is part of Gallup’s larger World Poll, a self-funded effort aimed at consistently measuring the well-being of 6 billion world citizens (a sample representing 95% of the Earth’s population) on a wide range of topics for the next 100 years”.

Solvents For Dangerous Misconceptions

Here are but a few findings in relation to Muslim attitudes to 9/11, which should assist in clearing away a great deal of misunderstanding, a result that should obtain, too, as other major faith groups are polled:

“What we have here is the ability to get beyond the battle of the experts” and let “the data lead the discourse” on beliefs in the Muslim world” Source: John L. Esposito, a professor of international affairs and Islamic studies,  Georgetown University

  • 93 percent – condemned the Sep 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington. Substantial majorities in all Muslim countries said they supported bringing democratic principles to their own countries
  • 7% saw the Sep 11 attacks as “completely justified”. The results indicate that none in this group employed a religious justification. The view was based on fear of US plans for occupation and domination of the Muslim world
  • There were strong Muslims concerns about a perceived “moral decay” in the US and the West. However, these were typical of those widely shared in the West.
Further Reading
Islam-West rift widens, poll says. BBC News Report, Monday, 21 January 2008
World Economic Forum Report Ranks Islam and West Relations.  WEF, Geneva, Switzerland, 21 January 2008
Who Speaks for Islam?
What a Billion Muslims Really Think
. This excellent, succinct outline of the book by John Esposito Ph.D, Professor of Religion and International Affairs and of Islamic Studies at Georgetown University, and Dalia Mogahed, a senior analyst and executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, is at the Gallup website

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9/11 Memories Discredit Sai Baba and His Global Cult

Posted by Barry Pittard on September 12, 2007

“A number of reports have been received from devotees indicating that our Beloved Swami prevented many of his devotees from being injured or killed in the World Trade Center where they are employed or had meetings scheduled. His Miraculous Intervention on behalf of His devotees is clearly evident”.

The above triumphal proclamation to the Elect (through whom Sai Baba has said he will achieved mankind’s greatest spiritual revolution) was circularized to large numbers of Sai Baba devotees around the world. Its author was Sai Baba’s world chairman, Dr Michael Goldstein, a physician of Covina, California, USA.

In a public meeting in Buenos Aires, attended by some 1500 Sai Baba devotees, October 20, 2001, the same Dr Michael Goldstein (reported by Zona de Investigación, Azul TV, Argentina) said:

“There are many devotees that worked in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon… And none of them went to work that day, or they arrived late…all the New York and Washington devotees are safe…”

bbc-clip-dr-micael-goldstein-gets-angry.jpgA raging Dr Goldstein as caught by BBC hidden camera in The Secret Swami (2004). See video clip HERE.

Communities and Governments Need to Heed Sai Baba Cult Facts

Various governments, political, civic and religious leaders have seen the utterly committed nature of Sai Baba’s leaders of his mega rich Sathya Sai Organization who have – at very high levels – contacted them, seeking to affiliate with community mainstreams. One area targeted is the inter-Faith movement, as are executives of  major world Faiths. Another sensitive area is schools and other places of learning. Here, likewise, Sai Baba is largely kept out of mention, but the secret agenda of the one named ‘the secret swami’ by the BBC’ is nonetheless powerfully unfolded. See Dominic Kennedy article, Suicide, sex and the guru, The Times of London, Monday August 27, 2001.

Sai Baba Has Promised To Rule World, Soon

What Sai Baba cultists do not disclose is that their agenda is to see their guru worshipped by the entire world. Despite all evidence to the contrary – including Sai Baba’s visibly and sorely deteriorating health – his devotees (many of them extremely rich and influential at the highest echelons of world power) are high-octane fueled by the absolute belief that he will – with a profusion of miracles the like of which have never been reported in history – make good his promises to rule the world before his dies (they do not use this word!) around 2022 AD. See my article, Will World Accept Sai Baba? He Says Yes. Very Soon

But would any country wish to be ruled by one whose top leaders say that their guru mystically prevented his devotees from being victims on the day of the terrorist attacks on the USA?

Further Reading

9/11 and Sathya Sai Baba’s claimed intervention! Posted by Robert Priddy, September 11th, 2007

Serial Sex Molestations and Bedroom Killings. But Much More

The English translation from Spanish of Gatapado journal article by a top Argentinean investigative journalist and Azul TV presenter Alejandro Agostinelli is HERE

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