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Institutional Sex Corruption: Plight of Roman Catholic Church and Sathya Sai Organization

Posted by Barry Pittard on September 19, 2010


The Pope may kiss little children, but did he protect them? Certainly not.

In the face of far too powerful, worldwide exposure of endemic Roman Catholic Church corruption, Pope Benedict XVI has called for reconciliation. Only at this chronically late hour, and in response to dire and universal threat to his institution’s survival, does he begin to treat sexual abuse as a reportable crime, and make apologies, and require his officials to take meaningful actions against the sexual abuse that the world now knows is rampant in his Church, and profoundly and endlessly covered up by it.

It is the year 2010 and yet official communiques coming from the Vatican and other official sections of the Roman Catholic Church almost make it sound as though sexual abuse complaints involving priests all over the world were something new. There may be contrite tears now, and official cries for reconciliation, and even some prospect of redress for survivors. But where were these down the aching years of victims’ anguish?

The Sathya Sai Organization still has not come to this point. It too has lain low. It too has turned a hard heart of the cries of individuals and families whose lives have been shattered by appalling misconduct that eats like a canker in its midst.

In both the Church and the Sathya Sai Organization, there is the same constant mouthing of values such as truthfulness, right conduct, love for all, peace, and non-violence in thought, word and deed. There are the same blindness, callousness, attacks upon the integrity of those who, against enormous odds, speak out. And the same profound cover up.


QUOTE (Excerpt):

The Australian

Pope breaks silence over Belgian abuse.  From: Times Online. David Charter. September 14, 2010 10:59AM

THE Pope was said last night to be feeling pain over the extensive pedophile priest scandal in Belgium as the country’s top bishops appealed for abusers to come forward to help with a process of reconciliation.

It is the first time that the Vatican has made clear Benedict XVI’s feelings of dismay after a report last week by a Church-appointed commission revealed 488 alleged cases of abuse, including 13 where the victim committed suicide.

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, head of the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium, announced yesterday that a new body would offer support to victims.

This failed to satisfy campaigners wanting punishment of 91 living perpetrators identified by the commission’s inquiry into cases dating back 50 years …..

Sam Deurinck, who said that he was abused by priests when he was aged 11 to 13, was one of a handful of protesters outside holding pictures of themselves as children.

“I think it will be old wine in new bags. The bishops have found for many, many years several techniques to gain time and to postpone their final judgment,” he said.

Walter Van Steenbrugge, a lawyer representing about 30 victims, said that the Church should be ready to pay compensation and leave cases to the justice authorities.

The commission, which was set up under Professor Peter Adriaenssens, had little co-operation from serving priests and was unable to finish its work.


The briefest glance at current headlines and news stories gives a sense of what now faces the Roman Catholic Church. But then – what about all the other institutions?

See: The Sydney Morning Herald (or vitually any other newspaper):

‘Priest defrocked over sexual misconduct’
AN ANGLICAN priest has been defrocked after a professional standards board discovered he had engaged in multiple sexual liaisons, including with at least one woman from his parish.

‘Flood of new priest abuse allegations’
A Belgian committee probing allegations of pedophilia by priests has been flooded with complaints since the resignation of a bishop who admitted abusing a boy.

‘German priest to leave US in abuse case’
A German priest has been suspended and ordered home from a posting in the US as he faces allegations he abused teenage girls in Germany two decades ago.

‘Priest, 83, under house arrest for abuse’
An 83-year-old Brazilian priest detained on allegations of sexually abusing young boys has been moved from jail to house arrest.

‘Brazilian priest charged with pedophilia’
Brazilian authorities charged a 74-year-old Catholic priest with pedophilia after eight children in his church choir accused him of sexual abuse.

‘Priest sex video on sale in Brazil’
A video of a priest receiving oral sex in a church from a former choir boy was being sold in the streets of Brazil.

‘Priest, 84, in sex act with choirboy’
An 84-year-old Brazilian priest caught on camera in a sex act with a choirboy has been arrested and put in detention.

‘Belgian priest tells of 300 sexual abuse cases’
BRUSSELS: Belgian bishops have failed to punish any clergy over 300 complaints of child sexual abuse brought to their attention in the 1990s, a priest who helped many victims claims.

‘Pope urges Catholic penance over priest scandal’
Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday urged Catholics to “do penance” and a top cardinal called for a mass rally by clergy to support the pontiff under fire over widespread paedophile priest scandals.

‘French priest admits child abuse’
A French Catholic priest has admitted sexually assaulting a minor, and sees his arrest as a “deliverance” after years of private torment, his lawyer says.

‘Malta hosts pope under priest sex abuse cloud’
Pope Benedict XVI was due to give mass Sunday in front of St Publius Church on Malta, even as the controversy over child-molesting priests followed him to the tiny Mediterranean island.

‘Priest jailed over sex with altar boy’
A former Anglican priest has been jailed for a second time on child sex offences.

‘More child-sex charges for NSW priest’
A NSW Catholic priest already facing multiple child sex charges has again been arrested over a further allegation of similar offences.

‘Vatican accused in new US priest case’
The Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI have come under fire in the US for allegedly covering up for another predator priest and doing nothing to remove him.

‘Rome waited to ban pedophile priest’
The future Pope Benedict XVI took over the abuse case of an Arizona priest, then let it languish at the Vatican for years despite repeated pleas from the bishop for the man to be removed from the…

‘Vatican comments on US priest case’
The Vatican’s lawyer says then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger told a bishop to make sure a priest didn’t abuse children while the church worked to defrock him.

‘Priest suspended over sex abuse’
MUNICH: The priest at the centre of a German sex-abuse scandal that has embroiled the Pope continued working with children for more than 30 years, even though Pope Benedict was personally involved in…

‘Church swamped by priest abuse claims’
Norway’s Roman Catholic Church received so many tip-offs about possible paedophile priests following revelations of abuse by a bishop that its computer crashed.

‘Priest preyed on deaf children, victim says’
ST FRANCIS, Wisconsin: Arthur Budzinski says the first time the priest molested him, he was 12 years old, alone and away from home at a school for the deaf.

‘Irish priest defends sex abuse cover up’
A Catholic bishop in Ireland has ordered a priest to remain silent over his views that church officials should not tell police about child abusers.


Robert Priddy has just blogged on Pope Benedict. He writes:

“The Pope believes firmly in eternal hellfire, as he showed before he realised the damage this would do him. He later tried to tone down his ill-advised ‘eternal’ pronouncement, but it was really too late… we know what he really believes, because The Sunday Times (March 27, 2007) reportedThe fires of hell are real and eternal, the Pope warns: ’Hell is a place where sinners really do burn in an everlasting fire, and not just a religious symbol designed to galvanise the faithful, the Pope has said.’: “Hell “really exists and is eternal, even if nobody talks about it much any more”, he said.”

The damage-limitation exercise which followed later on was reported by the Catholic News Agency, as follows: ” In reply, the Pope called heaven, hell, and purgatory “fundamental themes that unfortunately appear rarely in our preaching,” journalist and church expert Sandro Magister reports. Pope Benedict speculated that the condemned might not be numerous, describing how thoroughly they would have to have destroyed themselves: “Perhaps there are not so many who have destroyed themselves so completely, who are irreparable forever, who no longer have any element upon which the love of God can rest, who no longer have the slightest capacity to love within themselves. This would be hell.” (


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Public Petition For Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

There is a Spanish version available:



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Priest Abuse. Long-denied Justice Catching Up In Australia

Posted by Barry Pittard on May 18, 2010

The gradual, but terribly long-delayed, victory of those activists who have spoken out about sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church is happening. Unfortunately, organizations which also have long histories of perpetuating cover up frequently evade scrutiny. The Sathya Sai Organization, with its immense wealth and international outreach, is but one of many.

I commend this Australian material (below) from our respected national broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I have excerpted this article of last night, which is accompanied by video footage.  No percipient reader in the world can now doubt that the Vatican has been furiously enaged in massive efforts at damage control. It cannot now of course deny its incredibly appalling record.

The notion of ‘coming clean’ – which in certain parts of the Roman Catholic Church is beginning to occur – becomes the more strange when one considers that the dirt and the hiding of the dirt have been endemic for so long. In this light, the notion that we now live in 2010 becomes strange too. Even slight reform is long-time coming when there is the throttling grip of autocracy. It is singular how those very institutions which most preach the virtue of truth-telling, and acting with compassion, are most bereft in this quality.

Just as many have left Sathya Sai Baba because of the widespread and compelling evidence against him – of serial sexual abuse AND other profound spiritual and moral betrayals – so too are many leaving the Roman Catholic Church.

These many religious institutions have abysmally failed to be truthful about, and genuinely responsive to, the widespread sexual and other abuses in their folds. Sathya Sai Baba has long said that he will reform and harmonize all the major faiths before circa AD 2022.

Sai Baba predicts (in 1960)  how long he will live

Yet  he and his international Sathya Sai Organization are today in serious plight. There has been a great dwindling of  foreigners attending his Puttaparthi ashram. We have dependable reports from close up that he has for some time been physically and mentally ailing seriously. He has made a regular serious of gaffes, most embarrassing to his minders.  His predictions have often failed. He has made egregious mistakes about science and history. See:

Sai Baba To Be Seen In Moon? But Where Was Moon?

Sathya Sai Baba’s Slurred Speech Due To Old Age. ‘Eenadu’ News Report

Sathya Sai Baba’s Amazing Predictions

Sathya Sai Baba’s Tips To Keep Ageing Away

Sai Baba Is God Says Top George Bush Doctor

“No fear of bombs” in India, Said Sai Baba a Week Before Mumbai Terrorist Attack

Prophecies About Sathya Sai Baba As God Avatar, Miracle Maker and Saviour of Mankind (Extensive article by Robert Priddy)

In regard to interface with other religion, one can find no evidence that he has made any notable impact on the various Faiths that he earlier announced that he would reform from top to bottom. Thus, he is increasingly revealed as suffering from megalomania. Thus his so-called ‘Sarva Dharma Chakra (depicting the Faiths he has said he would cleanse and unite) remains at best but a pretty drawing (and pretty offensive to many) and a hollow pretense. 


Sathya Sai Baba - Forever Young?


  Archbishop’s handling of abuse claims challenged

By Stephen Crittenden and Suzanne Smith. ABC, Australia

The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, is coming under increasing pressure to explain what he knew about clerical sexual abuse when he was an office-holder in the NSW diocese of Maitland-Newcastle in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Archbishop Wilson has just been re-elected as chairman of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference, and is widely tipped as a possible successor to the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, if Cardinal Pell leaves Sydney to take up a senior post in the Vatican.

The Maitland-Newcastle diocese has become notorious as perhaps the epicentre of Catholic clerical sexual abuse in Australia. Four serious paedophile priests have been jailed since 1997. Father Vincent Ryan’s crimes led to a $6 million compensation payout to victims – a record for the Catholic Church in Australia so far. Father John Denham is due to be sentenced later this month, and the compensation settlement with his victims is expected to be even larger. Yet another priest, Father David O’Hearn, is due to stand trial in the next two weeks.

Now a victim of convicted paedophile Father James Fletcher, who died in jail in 2006, says Archbishop Philip Wilson was a priest living in the bishop’s house in Maitland when Fletcher was also living there in the late 1970s, and that Philip Wilson should have been aware that he was being sexually abused in Fletcher’s upstairs bedroom.

Peter Gogarty says Philip Wilson regularly saw him in Fletcher’s company as he was being taken upstairs to Fletcher’s bedroom, and after he came back downstairs. At one point, when Bishop Leo Clarke became suspicious, Gogarty was banned from being in the bishop’s house, but Fletcher continued to sneak him in the back door. Peter Gogarty says Philip Wilson should have intervened.

“Jim started sneaking me in the back door in the kitchen in the back of the house, straight past the common room where I would regularly pass Philip Wilson and then up the stairs to his bedroom,” he said.

Conveniently for Jim Fletcher, Peter Gogarty was attending a school right next door to the bishop’s house. He says the abuse would occur at lunch time and many afternoons after school. He says he has spoken to Archbishop Wilson over the phone in recent years about what the archbishop thought was going on.

“I asked now Archbishop Wilson what he thought was happening at the time. Did he know that Bishop Clarke had banned me from the house? His response was, no, he didn’t know anything about that, and that as far as he was concerned Jim was a good bloke and he didn’t think Jim was up to anything untoward,” he said.

Peter Gogarty says he can’t accept this explanation from Archbishop Wilson.

“I think, how could a man living in a house with another man not even be remotely curious as to why his house-mate was taking at least one boy up to his bedroom, and there may have been others……” (Rest of article continues at ABC link above)


Further Resources

Wikiedia. Catholic sexual abuse scandal in Australia (This article indicates updating)


Clergy questioned by police

The priests and Catholic church hierarchy who have been questioned by police regarding allegations of sexual abuse of children by clergy in the Maitland-Newcastle diocese.

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Justice Catching Up With Australian Priest Abusers


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  • Reply To Yaani
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    The Public Petition   

    Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization 

    About the Petition For Official Investigation Into Sathya Sai Baba Cult

    (Note: You may prefer to proceed straight to the Petition): Public Petition For Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization   


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